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We are Champions... A thank you to our Volunteers!

As Volunteers Week comes a close, I as Marketing Coordinator at AccessAble would like to thank each and everyone of our AccessAble Champions for their continued, passionate and unwavering support of our work to take the chance out of going out for thousands of disabled people across the UK. The Champion role is a voluntary position, which gives access to occasional paid opportunities to create content for AccessAble.

Your work is helping us demonstrate how invaluable our AccessAble website and App is to people with access requirements, and proving to businesses, venues and attractions the importance of accessibility information for their communities.

This network has helped to highlight to those unaware that AccessAble is a game changer, our App now means that getting hold of accessibility information doesn’t take hours of research, our technology brings back spontaneity and a sense of adventure.

I speak for whole AccessAble team when I say “I feel so privileged to work with such a wonderful team” who constantly show others that just because we are disabled doesn’t mean we’ve lost our sense of wonder at the world.

The future at AccessAble is bright for us and all who use and will use our website and App. Your work is changing the way people with access needs spend their free time.

Thank you

Lucy and The AccessAble Team

Marketing Coordinator