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Working with the community in Harrow to update Your Accessibility Guide

AccessAble has been working with Harrow Council since 2004 to provide over 300 Accessibility Guides to the area, including restaurants, leisure centres, libraries, shops and cafes.

The Guides are 100% fact, figures and photographs and will give you loads of useful information to work out if somewhere is going to be accessible to you. They cover everything from parking to hearing loops, walking distances and accessible toilets.

On 22nd October AccessAble hosted a Surveying Workshop in Harrow. These workshops are one of the ways that we keep the Accessibility Guides up to date with the help of the local community.

The workshop, at St Anne’s Shopping Centre was attended by members of Harrow Mencap who learned about how we create our Accessibility Guides and the work of our surveyors, before carrying out some surveying work in the shopping centre.

Speaking about the Surveying Workshop, Sean Derbyshire from Harrow Mencap said

“It was a great experience for the members of Harrow Mencap, they learnt a lot form the workshop and gained confidence in speaking with the public. Myself and my colleague were astounded at the amount of locations that aren’t in fact accessible at all and believe the job your AccessAble is doing is very important. We would love to help out again.”

Harrow Mencap’s members said:

“It was a really fun day and a great experience, can’t wait to do it again.” - LF

“I had a lot of fun and realised what places need to become more accessible.” - FB

To take a look at Harrow’s Accessibility Guide simply go to

For more information about the project, please contact Katie Dyton, Partnerships Manager at AccessAble on 01438 842710 or email [email protected]


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