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World Book Day – AccessAble Libraries

Disabled blogger Lucy Wood, who has Cerebral Palsy and uses a wheelchair, tells us how she's celebrating World Book Day at her local accessible library.

Today is World Book Day, a celebration of authors, illustrators, books and reading. In fact, it’s the biggest celebration of its kind, now in its 22nd year I can still vividly remember the competitiveness that World Book Day competitions brought to our School Hall.

As a former Media Student, I can appreciate a captivating tale, and have been known to write a few short films scripts, nowadays however, my enjoyment of a good story is reserved for a holiday, I wish I had time to read more, I’m always surprised at my ability to devour a good book when I get the opportunity.

There’s a sense of escapism in a book, I love a good fiction novel with an unexpected twist so huge that it’ll make audibly gasp with surprise and in this age if the internet, I still love to research things like a bookworm scribbling away in pages of my own books as inspiration hits and I need to make notes There’s something very comforting about a physical book in your hands, and though I have one, a kindle doesn’t have the same feeling as a well-loved book.

I am fascinated by other people’s stories and love an autobiography of a person I admire and I’m still so fond of books like Wind in The Willows and the Roald Dahl classics that were read to me as a kid.

I haven’t been to a library in a long time, with my local Library recently relocating into the City and in honour of World Book Day I paid a visit to rediscover reading and research.

The new Lichfield public library has over 100,000 books, audio visuals, is now housed on the ground floor of the St. Mary’s Centre that’s steeped in history and has been reinvented as the beating heart of the cultural community.

Although Lichfield Library hasn’t currently got access guides included on the AccessAble App, there are plenty of public libraries to explore in my local area, whether it’s Burton Library in the centre of the historic brewing town, the grand looking, Handsworth Library or the sleek and stylish Library of Birmingham, wherever you live there’s a library that suits you.

I’d forgotten what a great community resource Libraries are, and just how much stuff you can find in the tranquillity of a public library, and its free, you don’t need to worry that you’ve wasted your money buying a book you’ve discovered you hate. You can just return the book you didn’t like.

Libraries are also great places to meet people, AccessAble have hundreds of guides to local libraries in their brand-new app, which is available to download from App Stores now. It’s so easy to use and tells you exactly what to expect in the building before you get there, many have cafés inside, so you can sit with a book, a coffee and watch the world go by, sounds like heaven right?

For in depth detailed access guides you can Download the AccessAble App from your app store or visit to plan your visits to libraries and thousands of other places across the UK and Ireland.

I think I’ve rediscovered the joy of reading and have really fallen in love with my library again. Why not check your local one out this weekend!

AccessAble Champion