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Energise Leisure Centre

Kathryn Avenue, Monks Cross Drive, Huntington, YO32 9AF

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    About Energise Leisure Centre

    GLL is a not for profit charitable social enterprise committed to delivering a better quality of fitness and leisure, libraries and performing arts facilities for everyone. We’re committed to providing access to quality community facilities at a price everyone can afford. We already manage over 258 facilities, and we’re adding more all the time operating under our 'Better' brand.

    Our status as a not for profit charitable social enterprise means we work for the benefit of everyone: the public, the communities we work in, the environment, our staff and our partners. This means anyone using our facilities can get fit, stay healthy, and know that they’re helping make a difference in their community. You can also rest assured that any surplus we make now and in the future goes back in to the service as you are buying in to an ethical company.

    Better York, in partnership with City of York Council manages 4 leisure facilities in York, including flagship centre York Stadium Leisure Complex, the Edwardian Yearsley Pool as well as the centres at the heart of the community Energise Leisure Centre and Burnholme Sports Centre.

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