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Route Plan - Corn Street

Corn Street, Bristol, BS1 1HQ

Access Guide

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  • Corn Street, St. Stephen's Street and St. Nicholas Street are closed to traffic permanently, except for deliveries.

High Street / Broad Street Junction

  • There is a dropped kerb from the Broad Street roadway between the 140cm wide bollards into Corn Street.
  • Advertising boards may be placed between some of the bollards restricting choice of access.
  • The surface is flagstones which are fairly level but may have gaps between the stones (photograph 5).

Pedestrian Zone

  • The pedestrian zone has uneven paving, with some wider gaps between paving stones.
  • There is a street market here every Wednesday which may restrict access as it is very busy.
  • In front of the Exchange Building, to the left, are the four bronze 16th century 'Nails' on which merchants carried out their business (photographs 5 and 6).

Small Street Junction

  • At this point go down the easy dropped kerb, across the tarmac road and up the easy dropped kerb.
  • Both dropped kerbs have tactile markings.

Small Street - St. Stephen's Street

  • This section of the street is a downward slope.
  • The pavement surface is smooth stone paving slabs and there are dropped kerbs with tactile warnings for crossing the street.
  • At the end of the street you can carry on forward to Clare Street or St. Stephen's Street.