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Route Plan - Harbour Loop

Harbour Loop, Bristol, BS1 6TY

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  • The Harbour Loop is approximately a 2.5 mile walk around Bristol Harbour.

Brunel Square

  • Turn right along the harbour walk from the SS Great Britain Public Car Park.
  • The car park has Blue Badge marked bays.
  • The car park is pay & display with reduced rates for SS Great Britain visitors.
  • Parking is free for Blue Badge holders for up to 5 hours.

Wapping Wharf

  • This is an even concrete and block paved walk.
  • The walk has seating available at the water's edge.
  • The walk leads to Princes Wharf.

Prince's Wharf

  • On Prince's Wharf there is a level concrete surface where you have to repeatedly move over exposed crane tracks.
  • This part of the walk leads to and passes the M Shed.
  • Alternatively follow the cycle path here to avoid the crane tracks.

Wapping Road / Prince Street Bridge

  • At the end of Prince's Wharf turn left and cross Prince Street Bridge.
  • Keep to the left side of the bridge as there is a cycleway towards the middle and road traffic on the right-hand side.
  • There is no physical separation between the cycleway and the pedestrian route.
  • The surface here is tarmac.
  • At the end of the bridge turn left and follow the harbour round to Pero's Bridge.
  • The surface here is cobbled.

Pero's Bridge

  • Enter onto Pero's Bridge (named after Pero Jones, brought to Bristol as a slave in 1783, who served the Pinney family close to this place until his death in 1798).
  • Entry is between the 120cm wide bollards.
  • The approach is cobbled block paving.
  • Continue over the concrete surfaced bridge, which has handrails on both sides.
  • The centre section of the bridge may be lifted to allow a larger vessel into the inner harbour.
  • When the bridge is about to be opened it is closed off at both ends.
  • At the far end of the bridge there is a 2cm gap onto the concourse and then a 20cm rain gulley.

Hanover Quay

  • Turn left along the even paved quayside.
  • There is a cobbled surface and a barrier next to the water's edge.
  • On the right is Millennium Square.
  • Continue forward to the even tarmac Hanover Quay.
  • The surface here has spaced cobbled strips interrupting the tarmac.
  • There is a steep slope down to the even block paved amphitheatre and a steep slope up at the end of the amphitheatre.
  • Continue the quayside walk along the chipping effect tarmac with the rumble cobble strips.
  • There are seats and a barrier along the water's edge.

Alternative Route Avoiding Steps

  • Take a right turn onto Cathedral Walk.
  • Cathedral Walk is a minimum 3m wide block paved path with an easy slope.
  • Take a left turn onto Canons Way.
  • Canons Way is a block paved pavement.
  • Take a left turn onto Anchor Road.
  • Anchor Road is an even block paved pavement.
  • Take another left on to Lime Kiln Road.
  • Lime Kiln Road is a block paved pavement with a slight fall to the roadway.
  • Lime Kiln Road passes over 2 easy slopes at 2 dropped kerbs.
  • Take a left turn on to Gasworks Lane.
  • Gasworks Lane is a cobbled lane with a block paved easy slope.
  • Access to Gasworks Lane is reduced to 90cm due to upright bollards at the junction with Lime Kiln Road.

Signposted Harbourside Walk

  • The walk is signposted past the end of Cathedral Walk and forward onto a long gentle sloping path towards Porto Quay.
  • At the bottom of the path there is access to the gently sloping Millennium Promenade which re-joins Canons Way and Cathedral Walk.
  • On Porto Quay there are a number of shops and restaurants.
  • Follow the curve of the harbour to the left and there is a flight of steps up to the Gas Ferry North Quay and Gasworks Lane.
  • There are 15+ steps with handrails on both sides.
  • The steps have no contrast edges and are of medium depth.
  • Alongside the steps is a platform lift, open for public use.
  • The door of the lift is 89cm wide and the platform is 108cm wide by 146cm deep.
  • There are separate entrance and exit doors and the controls are within easy reach.
  • The controls have Braille and tactile markings.
  • There is no voice or visual level display.
  • On exiting the lift turn right and continue along Gas Ferry Wharf to Mardyke.
  • If the lift is out of action (it is outdoors in a public place), it is approximately 40m to the Millennium Promenade which joins the section of the route avoiding steps.

Porto Quay

  • Here is the uneven tarmac Porto Quay.
  • The quay has a waterside barrier.
  • Go forward onto the level concrete before climbing the concrete steep slope to the tree lined walk.
  • Seating is available on the block paved walkway with rumble cobble strips and a viewing area.
  • There is a clear view, across the river, of the SS Great Britain and frequent river traffic.

Western Wharf

  • At this point there are 20 medium height steps down.
  • The steps are not well marked and have handrails on both sides.
  • The steps lead to Poole's Wharf Marina.
  • There is a ramp from Porto Wharf, 160cm wide with handrails on both sides.
  • The ramp overcomes the steps to Poole's Wharf Marina.
  • There are 15+ medium, not well marked steps with handrails on both sides up to Mardyke Wharf.
  • There is a platform lift to the right of the steps.
  • The lift is 110 cm wide and 200cm deep.
  • The door is 89cm wide and opens towards you as the lift arrives.
  • The controls are 100cm high and are continuous push buttons.
  • The doors are opposite each, other so the passenger does not have to turn. The lift is open for use at all times.
  • The lift overcomes the steps.

Mardyke Wharf

  • There is an even straight small block paved walk with a barrier on the waterside.
  • A slope leads up to the roadway and along the tree lined pavement slightly sloping towards the water.
  • Continue through the Markyard Pay & Display Public Car Park which has 145cm wide bollards at each end.
  • Continue past the car park down a steep slope and a quick left and right turn onto Poole Wharf.

Poole's Wharf

  • The surface here is part block paved and part rubberised tarmac.
  • There is a barrier and seating along the water's edge.
  • There is a steep slope to the wooden boarded swing bridge.
  • There is a steep slope down from the bridge to a tarmac with cobble rumble strips quayside walkway.
  • Continue through the lock pathway, the path narrowing to a minimum of 155cm.
  • Continue past the lock on a short concrete surface travelling over a number of manhole covers.
  • Forward onto an even tarmac walk through the Pump House Car Park.

Cumberland Basin Bridge

  • Turn left from the car park onto the tarmac pavement.
  • Continue forward onto the Asphalt Bridge over a 4cm gap.
  • Exit the bridge via an uneven, tarmac, easy sloped dropped kerb.
  • Cross the tarmac Nova Scotia Place roadway.
  • Up the uneven broken paved easy sloped dropped kerb to the tarmac pavement.

Underfall Boatyard

  • Turn left to enter the Underfall Boatyard.
  • Continue down a tarmac slope.
  • Follow the uneven tarmac pathway crossing an 80cm wide wooden drainage channel and a 20cm wide traffic calming ramp.

Baltic Wharf

  • Continue forward to the Baltic Wharf walkway from the Underfall Boatyard.
  • Baltic Wharf is a block paved, even walkway with seating leading around the marina.
  • At the end of the walkway you pass between 125cm wide bollards.
  • There is a steep concrete slope leading to a slight tarmac slope.
  • At the top of the slopes is a 97cm wide gap between bollards.

Banksy off Baltic Wharf

  • The painting by Banksy known as 'The Girl with the Pierced Eardrum' is just off the Baltic Wharf car park to the right.
  • As you follow the route you will see a building with a distinctive clock tower to your right.
  • At the right-hand end of the building is an alleyway with the painting clearly visible at the end.
  • Pass along the front of the building to follow the next section of the route.

Baltic Wharf - Brunel Square

  • The Baltic Wharf Public Car Park and public toilets are here.
  • Follow the tarmac road leading to the steep sloped Albion Dock.
  • Turn left through 138cm wide bollards into an alley leading to Gas Ferry Road.
  • At the bottom of Gas Ferry Road is Brunel Square.
  • The SS Great Britain and car park are off Brunel Square.