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Route Plan - Queen Square

Queen Street, Bristol, BS1 4QP

Access Guide

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  • Queen Square is a green space within the centre of Bristol with tarmac walks, a cobbled roadway and a paved pavement.
  • Pay and display parking is situated all around the square.
  • Parking is free of charge and without time restrictions for Blue Badge holders.

Queen Charlotte Street - Mill Avenue

  • Up an easy dropped kerb to the square's outer pavement, the surface is uneven paving stones with some wider spaces between stones.
  • The pavement may be restricted by an advertising board (150cm) widening to 215cm for the majority of its length.

Mill Avenue - Bell Avenue

  • Cross Mill Avenue, a cobbled roadway via easy tactile marked dropped kerbs.
  • Continue along the uneven older paving stones to Bell Avenue.

Bell Avenue - Grove Avenue

  • Continue past Bell Avenue over the tactile crossing from Bell Avenue to the green and forward to Grove Avenue.

Grove Avenue - Middle Avenue

  • The paving is even here and 4m wide.
  • Continue round past Oak Avenue where the pavement narrows to 220cm.

Middle Avenue - Thunderbolt Square

  • The surface here is evenly paved with a width of 220cm.

Thunderbolt Square - Queen Charlotte Street

  • The pavement passes Thunderbolt Square and turns to the right along the fourth side of the square back to Queen Charlotte Street.
  • The pavement is 210cm wide.
  • At the mid point the route crosses King William Avenue, with gentle slopes to a level kerb and extensive tactile warnings.
  • Immediately beyond the junction there is a dropped kerb to the right serving the drop-off point for visitors to the Custom House.


  • In the centre of the route plan is the open green space of Queens Square.
  • There are level, gravel paths running towards the centre of the square from all sides.
  • In the centre is a statue.
  • There are seating areas located within the square.