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Route from Train Station to Visit York Information Centre

Station Road, York, YO24 1AB

Access Guide

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  • The route from York Train Station to York Information Centre is approximately 0.4miles/640metres.
  • The route takes in Station Road, Station Avenue and Museum Street.
  • There is seating in Station Road and Museum Street.

Station Road to Station Avenue

  • Exit the train station via the station exit and turn left.
  • There is an easy slope on exiting the station.
  • The surface of the pathway is paving slabs.
  • 31 metres from the exit is a zebra crossing that has a dropped kerb with tactile markings on either side.
  • The surface is block paving and is uneven in places.
  • Cross the road and turn left to cross two small zebra crossings which are immediately on the left.
  • The crossings have tactile pavings on either side.
  • Continue left up Station Road.
  • Further along Station Road the pathway slopes to a dropped kerb which crosses the access point leading to the Principal Hotel car park.
  • Cross the access point and continue in the same direction on Station Road to Station Avenue.

Station Avenue to Station Road

  • At the junction for Station Road and Station Avenue, there is a pelican crossing with a dropped kerb which has tactile markings.
  • Cross the road and continue up Station Avenue.
  • The surface of the pathway along Station Avenue consists of paving slabs, block paving and tarmac.
  • The tarmac section of the path has some potholes and drain covers.
  • Along Station Avenue you will come across more dropped kerbs with tactile paving at the junction of Station Avenue and Leeman Road and a cycle track.
  • Station Avenue curves right then left under York City Wall.
  • This route then leads back onto Station Road.

Station Road to Museum Street

  • Back on Station Road the surface of the pathway is paving slabs.
  • Station Road leads across Lendal Bridge to Museum Street.
  • There is a steep slope leading to Lendal Bridge.
  • Station Road runs along the side of York City Wall.
  • There is seating at the side of the wall.
  • Continue over the bridge onto Museum Street.

Museum Street to Blake Street

  • The surface of the pathway on Museum Street is paving slabs.
  • Along the street there are dropped kerbs with tactile markings at the entrances for Museum Gardens and the Library.
  • There is seating outside the Museum Gardens and at Library Square.
  • Continue along Museum Street.
  • At the end of Museum Street cross to the other side of the street at the pelican crossing on your right.
  • The crossing has dropped kerbs with tactile markings.
  • Once you are across the road, veer left and then turn right around the corner onto Blake Street.

Blake Street - Information Centre Accessible Entrance

  • The surface of the pathway on Blake Street is paving slabs.
  • On entering Blake Street, the accessible entrance to the information centre is on your right.