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Photo of Kensington Neighbourhood Centre in Liverpool. The main entrance has a large wooden sign about with 'Love Life' going across the top of the building

Community Health Partnerships

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Community Health Partnership Logo with the letter c h p in lower case and a diamond shape made of light blue and dark blue stripes

About Community Health Partnerships

Community Health Partnerships is a property company owned by the Department of Health and Social Care, and part of the NHS family. Our purpose is to provide high quality health and social care facilities which meet local needs. We work with a range of partners to provide innovative and sustainable spaces for the benefit of patients, service users, and those who care for them.

Over the past 20 years we have supported the NHS in developing the community- based estate, creating spaces fit for 21st Century healthcare delivery and facilitating the integration of health and care services.

Since 2013 we actively manage 310 health centres as head-tenant, and support around 1300 tenants ranging from GPs, pharmacists and dentists, to community, mental health and acute trusts.  We also accommodate voluntary and third sector organisations, as well as community groups.

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