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ET221 Dance Performance Studio

Ellen Terry Building, Coventry University, Jordan Well, Coventry, CV1 5RW

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COVID-19 Information (Coventry University)

Location of Room(s)


  • Directional and locational signage for the room(s) is available in upper and lower case lettering that is clearly visible.
  • The corridor outside the room(s) is sufficiently wide enough (150cm+) to allow wheelchair users to pass.
  • There is step free access into the room(s).
  • The door opening width(s) is/are 75cm+ for the room(s).
  • The door(s) for the room(s) is/are not push pad activated.
  • There is not a hearing assistance system for the room(s).
  • There is a visual fire alarm beacon in the room(s).
  • There is some fixed furniture within the room(s).
  • The clear floor space beneath tables in the room(s) is 70cm.
  • A height adjustable table/bench is not available.
  • There is raised seating to the right as you enter, this seating has no armrests and a deep step of 25cm to each level of the raised seating, with a handrail to the left on one set of seats and a handrail on the right on the other set of seats.
  • There is sufficient space for a wheelchair user to manoeuvre within the room and a wheelchair user has space to be seated near the main seating.
  • There are no trip hazards on the floor.