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Route from Howlands Bus Stop to the Main Entrance

Howlands Bus Stop , Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, AL7 4HQ

Access Guide

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Route Summary

  • This guide gives access information for a route between the Howlands Bus Stop and the main entrance of QEII
  • The distance of this route is approximately 182 metres.
  • The potential hazards along this route include; a road with passing traffic, uneven surfaces, medium to slight ramp/slopes and no resting areas.

Howlands Bus Stop to QEII Footpath

  • Once at Howlands Bus Stop located on Howland's, continue west up Howlands and take the first left into the standard car park.
  • Proceed though the car park until you reach the QEII footpath.
  • Surfaces from the bus stop to the QEII footpath consist of concrete and tarmac with uneven surfaces.
  • The distance of this route is approximately 182 metres.

QEII Footpath to Main Entrance

  • Cross the pedestrian crossing which has tactile paving on both sides.
  • Once on the other side of the road turn left the continue straight down the footpath.
  • At the end of the footpath follow the signs for the Main Entrance and turn right.
  • Proceed straight ahead and the Main Entrance is located on the right.
  • The footpath leading to the Main Entrance consists of block paving and concrete tiles.
  • The footpath is on a slight slope.

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