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7 Forest Lane - Residential Unit

Kingsley Green , Harper Lane , Radlett , Hertfordshire , WD7 9HQ

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COVID-19 Information

  • The information in this section was taken in December 2020.
  • Parking on some sites is currently free of charge for service users. Please consider all other forms of transport before using public transport.
  • There may be one way system in place in some buildings. Please follow the signs to find your clinic area or ask a member of the staff to help you if you are unsure. Remember to stay 2 metres apart.
  • When you arrive at the department, go to Reception to mark that you’ve arrived. You will be asked some questions about how you are feeling on the day.
  • Do not arrive too early for your appointment and leave the department as soon as your appointment is finished.
  • Visits are by prior arrangement only and subject to restriction.
    All visitors to the inpatient or community sites, except children and babies under the age of three, will need to wear a face mask at all times. If you don’t have your own, masks can be provided when you arrive on site.
  • To ensure the Trust protects you, service users and staff, all visitors to each service will be asked to wear an approved fluid repellent surgical face mask.
    Reception staff will ask you to use the hand sanitiser and will provide you with the surgical face mask.
  • Please keep the mask/face covering on for the duration of your time in the building and avoid touching your face or adjusting the mask once you’ve put it on.
  • If you need to sit and wait in the reception to be called for your appointment, chairs will have signage to indicate where you should sit to ensure social distancing measures are observed.
  • All staff wear personal protective equipment when in close contact with you. When your appointment is finished, your health professional will advise you what to do next.
  • You should then follow the signs to leave the department. Please do not visit any other part of the building. You should dispose of your mask at the bin by the department exit. If removing your mask, please wash or sanitise your hands after doing so. If removing your mask, please wash or sanitise your hands after doing so.
  • For more information about the measures in place for Covid-19 please click here (new tab) .


  • This is an inpatient unit property.
  • Services within the building include: specialist residential service.

Getting Here

  • By Road View
    • The Kingsley Green site is situated to the north of Radlett. The site is located off Lime Way. The site can be accessed from the M25 to the North via Bell Lane, Harper Lane and Lime way and from the A41 and M1 to the south via Bushey Mill Lane, Park Avenue, Radlett Road, Watford Road, Park Road, Watling Street, Harper Lane and Lime Way.
    • Standard and Blue Badge Parking is available on site.
  • By Train View
    • The nearest station to the Kingsley Green site is Radlett. The Kingsley Green site is 2.0 miles from the train station via Station Approach, Harper Lane and Lime Way (6 min drive).
  • Useful Links View

Getting Help and Assistance

  • A member of staff trained in BSL skills is not normally on duty.
  • British Sign Language interpreters can be provided on request.
  • Language interpreters can be provided on request.
  • The alternative formats documents can be provided in include; Braille on request, large print on request, different languages on request and audio on request.
  • There is not a wheelchair to borrow to aid transferring around the building.
  • Water bowls for assistance dogs are not available.


  • Parking View
    • The venue does have a dedicated car park.
    • The car park is located at the side of the unit.
    • The car park type is open air/surface.
    • The car park does not have a height restriction barrier.
    • The car park surface is tarmac.
    • There is not a/are not Blue Badge parking bay(s) available.
  • Paying View
    • There are not parking charges for the car park.
  • Access from the Car Park View
    • The route from the car park to the entrance is accessible to a wheelchair user with assistance.
    • Assistance may be required because there is / are dropped kerbs.
    • The entrance is not clearly visible from the car park.
    • The route from the car park to the entrance is not clearly signposted.
    • The surface on the approach to the entrance is tarmac and concrete tiles.
    • There is no tactile paving on dropped kerbs between the car park and the entrance.

Outside Access (Unit Entrance)

  • Entrance Details View
    • This information is for the entrance located at the front of the building.
    • The entrance area/door is clearly signed.
    • There is ramped/sloped access at this entrance.
    • There is a canopy or recess which provides weather protection at this entrance.
    • The entrance door(s) does not/do not contrast visually with its immediate surroundings.
    • There is an intercom.
    • There is a hand sanitiser.
    • The main door(s) open(s) away from you (push).
    • The door(s) is/are single width.
    • The door(s) is/are heavy.
    • The width of the door opening is 86cm.
    • There is a small lip on the threshold of the entrance, with a height of 1.5cm or below.
    • There is a second set of doors.
    • The door(s) open(s) away from you (push).
    • The door(s) is/are single width.
    • The door(s) is/are heavy.
    • The width of the door opening is 81cm.
  • Ramp/Slope Details View
    • The ramp/slope is located in front of and to either side of the entrance.
    • The ramp/slope gradient is slight.