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Finsbury Park Station - Finsbury Park Bus Station Route Plan

Station Place, Seven Sisters Road, Finsbury Park, London, N4 2DH

Access Guide

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  • The route from Finsbury Park Station to Wells Terrace is approximately 170m in length.

Finsbury Park Station to Stroud Green Road

  • Turn left on leaving Finsbury Park Station.
  • Head along Station Place for approximately 47m until you reach Stroud Green Road.
  • The surface of the pavement is mainly block paving however there are manhole covers and the occasional section of brick block paving.
  • There is a slight downhill gradient immediately outside the station however after a few metres this ceases and there is instead a slight uphill gradient.

Stroud Green Road to Wells Terrace

  • Turn left on to Stroud Green Road and continue for approximately 100m until you reach Wells Terrace.
  • Head under the railway bridge until you come out of the other side.
  • The surface of the pavement is brick block paving.
  • There is a green cycle path to the right of the pavement.

Wells Terrace crossing

  • On approaching Wells Terrace there is a small area of Brick Block paving with a manhole cover in it.
  • Cross Wells terrace by using the zebra crossing.
  • The zebra crossing has dropped kerbs and tactile paving on either side.

Wells Terrace Crossing to Finsbury Bus Station

  • Turn left immediately after the zebra crossing on to Wells Terrace.
  • Upon turning left there is a lamppost with a width of 110cm between the lamp post and the kerb.
  • The surface of the road is block paving for the first few metres before brick block paving with the occasional manhole cover.
  • Continue straight on Wells Terrace for 70m until you arrive at the Wells Terrace Bus Station.