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Route Plan 2 Clement House to the Old Building

Houghton Street, London, WC2A 2AE

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    • This route describes how to get from Clement House to the Old Building.
    • There is a continuous, easy slope upwards along the route.
    • For details of Clement House and Old Building, please see their separate building guides.

From Clement House, turn right onto Aldwych

  • The pavement in this area is wide, with an easy upward slope.
  • Continue up Aldwych, passing the post office and post box.

After 50m, pass a bus stop

  • This is bus stop K.
  • Buses arrive here from Euston and Tottenham Court Road.
  • Buses depart to the south, heading to The Strand and Waterloo.

Continue along Aldwych for 50m

  • After passing the bus stop, continue on Aldwych to the intersection with Houghton Street.

At the Houghton Street junction, cross over and turn right

  • There is tactile paving at the crossing.
  • The road surface is level with the pavement.

Walk up Houghton Street for 50m

  • Natwest is on the left.
  • There is a long, easy slope upwards.
  • Old Building is directly ahead.
  • There is a cycle stand on the right.

At Old Building, the ramp to enter the building is to the right

  • The steps and ramp are directly ahead.