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Route Plan 5 Sir Arthur Lewis Building to the Saw Swee Hock Centre

32 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London, WC2A 3PH

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  • This route plan covers the journey from the Sir Arthur Lewis Building to the Saw Swee Hock Student Centre. The journey is approximately 235 metres.

Start from the Sir Arthur Lewis Building

  • There are two entrances into this building.
  • The easiest route to the Saw Swee Hock Student Centre is via Lincoln's Inn Fields.
  • When exiting the building, use the entrance that leads onto Lincoln's Inn Fields.
  • Upon exiting the forecourt there is a small section of concrete followed by a small section of cobbled paving.

Walk to the end of the forecourt and turn left

  • Immediately after the entrance there is a level forecourt leading to Lincoln's Inn Fields.
  • At the end of the forecourt there is a driveway consisting of cobbled paving.
  • As you reach the cobbled paving turn left and continue down the path.

Continue 160m down Lincoln's Inn Fields until Portsmouth Street

  • Head along Lincoln Inn's Fields for approximately 160m. There are a total of 7 vehicle access driveways along this pavement.
  • They all consist of cobbled paving and are level with the pavement.
  • None of them have tactile paving on either side.
  • The pavement has a minimum width of 250cm with lampposts and an electrical vehicle charging point to the sides.
  • Approximately 130m from Lincoln Inn's Fields, the entrance to the Marshall Building is on the left-hand side.
  • As you approach Portsmouth Street there are manhole covers and tactile paving to the right of the pavement for the crossing towards the park.
  • Continue straight past the crossing, where the pavement is narrowed to a minimum width of 141cm by lampposts and signposts.
  • Turn left onto Portsmouth Street.

Portsmouth Street to Sheffield Street

  • Portsmouth Street is a pedestrianised street with a gentle downward slope towards Sheffield Street.
  • The street surface consists of block paving and has two benches 45cm high (photograph 5).
  • Head down Portsmouth Street towards the student union (SU) café.
  • There may be café sandwich boards placed along the route (photograph 4).
  • There are various manhole covers which can be slippery when wet (photograph 7).

After 50 metres turn right into the Sheffield Street pedestrianised area

  • The path is mostly level with a very slight slope towards one side. The path is wide at this section of the route.
  • There is bench seating available within the pedestrianised area.
  • The surface of the area is block paving with the occasional manhole cover.

After 20 metres the Saw Swee Hock Student Centre entrance is to the right

  • The entrance to the Saw Swee Hock Student Centre Building is located beneath a large canopy.