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Kensington (Olympia) Station to Olympia National Entrance

Kensington (Olympia) Station, Olympia Way, Kensington, London, W14 0NE

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  • The following information describes the route from Kensington (Olympia) Station to Olympia National.
  • The route leads along Olympia Way and Hammersmith Road.
  • The majority of paths along the route are block paving and concrete tiles.
  • There is signage located along Olympia Way and the North side of Hammersmith Road directing you to the entrances.
  • The potential hazards on this route include; busy roads, crossing points and congested pathways.

Kensington (Olympia) Station

  • Kensington (Olympia) Station is served by Southern Rail, London Overground and District Line (The district line service is only available on weekends).
  • There is step free access from Platform 1 (District Line) and 2 (London Overground and Southern Rail) to Olympia Way.
  • There is step free access from Platform 3 (London Overground and Southern Rail) to Russell Road.
  • There are no lift facilities within the station. There is a bridge between platforms 1/2 and platform 3.
  • If you arrive at Platform 3 for step free access to Olympia London, please turn right onto Russell Road, follow Russell Road to Hammersmith Road, turn right and follow signage to Olympia London.

Olympia Way to Hammersmith Road

  • After exiting Kensington (Olympia) Station there is pedestrian crossing onto the Olympia Way main path.
  • Turn left and follow Olympia Way for approximately 190m.
  • Along Olympia Way there are dropped kerbs at the crossing points over access roads at Gate B and Gate BB.
  • There are some bollards along Olympia Way. The width of the bollards is over 150cm.
  • The surface of the path varies between tarmac and block paving.
  • At the top of Olympia Way turn right onto Hammersmith Road.

Hammersmith Road

  • After turning right from Olympia Way onto Hammersmith Road follow Hammersmith Road for approximately 40m until you reach the Olympia National entrance.
  • Along Hammersmith Road the width of the path narrows due to bike stands. The width of the path at these points still over 150cm.
  • The surface of the path varies between concrete tiles and concrete with square glass tiles embedded into the path.

Olympia National