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Kensington (Olympia) Station to Olympia National Entrance

Kensington (Olympia) Station, Olympia Way, Kensington, London, W14 0NE

Access Guide

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  • The following information describes the route from Kensington (Olympia) Station to Olympia National.
  • The route leads along Olympia Way.
  • The majority of paths along the route are tarmac, block paving and concrete tiles.
  • There is signage located along Olympia Way to the entrance.
  • The potential hazards on this route include; busy roads, crossing points and congested pathways.

Kensington (Olympia) Station

  • Kensington (Olympia) Station is served by Southern Rail, London Overground and District Line (The district line service is only available on weekends).
  • There is step free access from Platform 1 (District Line) and 2 (London Overground and Southern Rail) to Olympia Way.
  • There is step free access from Platform 3 (London Overground and Southern Rail) to Russell Road.
  • There are no lift facilities within the station. There is a bridge between platforms 1/2 and platform 3.
  • If you arrive at Platform 3 for step free access to Olympia London, please turn right onto Russell Road, follow Russell Road to Hammersmith Road, turn right and follow signage to Olympia London.

Olympia Way

  • After exiting Kensington (Olympia) Station turn left and follow Olympia Way for approximately 190m.
  • Along the path there is metal fencing designed to stop people cycling along the path, the gap between the metal fencing is 145cm.
  • The surface of the path varies between tarmac and block paving.
  • At the top of Olympia Way turn right onto Hammersmith Road and follow the path to Olympia National Entrance.
  • The path crosses Olympia Way.

Olympia National