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''swimming pool with seating area above, the pool has red, white and blue lane divides and flags''

Places Leisure

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About Places Leisure

We are one of the UK's leading social enterprises, welcoming millions of people to our 82 health and well-being leisure facilities across the nation annually.

We aim to enlighten our communities about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle in collaboration with local authorities, customers, partners, and within our thriving community hubs.

Our vibrant leisure facilities encourage communities to play sports, engage in physical activity and socialise. Of our centers:

  • 59 swimming facilities
  • 71 top-class gyms
  • 100+ group workout spaces
  • 22 places to play squash
  • 51 sports halls

But our facilities are about more than just health and fitness. By welcoming clubs, charities, and societies to exploit our spaces they can become the beating heart of our community.

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