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Route from Whitla Hall to Peter Froggatt Centre

Queen's University Belfast, University Road, Belfast, BT7 1NN

Access Guide

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Whiltla Hall to Front of Lanyon Building

  • Once you exit the Whitla Building, there is a dropped curb with tactile paving by the side of the road, 1 meter from the ramp. Use this to cross the road diagonally over to the path that leads along the front of the Lanyon Building.
  • The road is roughly 13 meters across to the other dropped curb, this one does not have any tactile paving. Now that you're on the path, follow it along the front of the Lanyon Building for 35 meters, until you come to its entrance. The path leading there is mostly level with some places that are uneven.

Head through The Lanyon Building to The Quadrangle

  • Please see the Lanyon Building guide for access information. Once you are at the front of the Lanyon Building, enter via the ramp to the right of the entrance and begin to head straight to the rear of the main foyer area. There is a smooth and level tiled floor throughout the foyer area.
  • After roughly 16 meters, you will have two exits, one on either side of you. Exit the building via the doors on your left hand side. Once you have exited the building, there is an easy slope slightly to the right of you which leads out onto the centre of the campus (The Quadrangle). Take the slope down onto the path.

Quadrangle to The Peter Froggatt Centre

  • Once out on the Quadrangle, the Peter Froggatt Centre is directly in front of you. Follow the path along for roughly 50 meters until you come to the front of the destination building.
  • The path leading to the building has a slabbed surface which is mostly level with some places that are loose or uneven. Please see the Peter Froggatt Centre access guide for more information.