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Rotherham Central Station to Rotherham Town Hall

Rotherham Central Station, Central Road, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S60 1QH

Access Guide

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Route Information

  • The following information describes the route from Rotherham Central Station to Rotherham Town Hall.
  • The route is approximately 0.4 miles.
  • The route takes approximately 8- 10 minutes.
  • The route covers Central Road, Bridge Street, Corporation Street, Ship Hill, Moorgate Street and The Crofts.
  • There is some street signage along the route.
  • The route is mainly block paved and tarmac.
  • The potential hazards along this route are busy roads and narrow pathways.
  • There are some easy and moderate slopes along this route.

Starting Point - Rotherham Central Station

Central Road to Bridge Street

  • Exit Rotherham Central Station via the main entrance and cross over Central Road on the left.
  • The crossing is level.
  • The crossing is not marked.
  • There is tactile paving on both sides of the crossing.
  • Traffic could come from both directions.
  • After crossing Central Road, go over the bridge and turn to the left and follow the path round.
  • This leads onto Bridge Street.

Bridge Street to Corporation Street

  • Continue along Bridge Street.
  • The path along this section starts of narrow but widens once across the bridge.
  • There is an easy to moderate slope downwards on the far side of the bridge.
  • The path changes from paving slabs to block paving.
  • At the point where the path changes you will pass some gates that lead to a loading area.
  • There is the potential of traffic from both sides.
  • Continue along Bridge Street.
  • There is another easy slope as you cross over the river
  • Once over the second bridge you will come to two pedestrian crossings.
  • Both of the crossings have tactile paving.
  • Both of the crossings have dropped kerbs.
  • There are visual indicators at the crossing.
  • The height to the button is 117cm.
  • There is no buzzer on these crossings.
  • There is a cone underneath the button.
  • The height to the cone is 111cm.
  • At the first crossing the traffic comes from the right.
  • At the second crossing the traffic comes from both directions.
  • The second crossing is over a bus lane.
  • Once over the crossings turn right along Corporation Street.

Corporation Street - Ship Hill

  • Heads forwards along Corporation Street.
  • The pathway narrows after approximately 10m.
  • There is a crossing here leading to a loading dock and rear access to some of the local shops.
  • The crossing is level.
  • Traffic could come from both the left and the right.
  • Once passed this crossing continue along Corporation Street to Bridgegate.
  • Continue forward along Corporation Street.
  • You will come to Market Street.
  • This street is pedestrianised, however there are sometimes delivery vehicles to be aware of.
  • Traffic could come from both directions.
  • There is no designated crossing.
  • Once across Market Street continue forward along Corporation Street.
  • The path here narrows slightly.
  • After approximately 70m you will come to Moorgate Street.
  • There 2 pedestrian crossings here.
  • Continue ahead to the second crossing.
  • This crossing has dropped kerbs.
  • This crossing has tactile paving.
  • There are visual indicators at this crossing.
  • The height of the button is 117cm.
  • The height of the cone is 114cm
  • There is an audible buzzer.
  • Traffic comes from the left at this crossing.
  • Once across Moorgate Street, follow the path to the right.
  • After approximately 8m turn left onto Ship Hill.

Ship Hill to Moorgate Street

  • Continue forward on Ship Hill.
  • The gradient of Ship Hill is moderate to steep.
  • The surface is a mixture of block paving and paving slabs.
  • After approximately 10m the path narrows to a width of 132cm.
  • The path widens again after approximately 20m.
  • Continue on Ship Hill for another 30m, you will arrive at a large open area.
  • Turn left onto Moorgate Street/The Crofts.

Moorgate Street/The Crofts to Rotherham Town Hall

  • After turning left onto Moorgate Street, continue ahead for approximately 20m.
  • The path surface is made of paving slabs.
  • You will come to a crossing.
  • This crossing is not marked, however there is tactile paving and dropped kerbs.
  • The road can be busy at times.
  • Traffic will come from the right.
  • Once over this crossing turn right.
  • You will come to a second crossing over The Crofts.
  • This crossing also had tactile paving and dropped kerbs.
  • Traffic here could come from the left or the right.
  • Once over this crossing Rotherham Town Hall is ahead and on your left.
  • After approximately 10m you will come to the stepped access to Rotherham Town Hall.
  • After approximately 20m you will come to the ramped access to the Rotherham Town Hall.

Finishing Point - Rotherham Town Hall