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Rotherham Central Station to Riverside Library

Rotherham Central Station, Central Road, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S60 1QH

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Route Information

  • The following information describes the route from Rotherham Central Station to Riverside Library.
  • The route is approximately 0.2miles.
  • The route takes approximately 5 minutes.
  • The route leads along Central Road, Riverside Path and The Statutes.
  • The route is mainly block paved.
  • There is some street signage along this route.
  • The potential hazards along this route include crossings, narrow pathways and slopes.

Starting Point - Rotherham Central Station

Central Road to Riverside Path

  • Exit Rotherham Central Station via the main entrance, and cross over Central Road.
  • There is a crossing point that has tactile paving and level kerbs.
  • There is no audible or visual style crossing.
  • Traffic comes from both directions.
  • Once you have crossed the road turn right.
  • After turning onto Central Road follow the path ahead.
  • The path narrows to 135cm due to bollards and railings.
  • The path has an easy slope.
  • The slope is approximately 45m long.
  • At the bottom of the road there is a crossing.
  • The crossing has tactile paving.
  • The crossing is not a over a road, it is over a turning space.
  • Traffic will come from the right.
  • Continue along Central Road.
  • After approximately 30m you will come to a wall, and some bollards on the road.
  • There is a dropped kerb leading around the wall.
  • After passing through the bollards you will be on Riverside Path.

Riverside Path to The Statutes

  • The pavement along Riverside Path is block paving.
  • There is a moderate slope leading upwards.
  • The slope is approximately 20m and then levels out as you pass the courthouse.
  • After the courthouse there is a downward slope that is approximately 10m before it levels out again.
  • The path then forks.
  • Take the right hand fork.
  • There is an easy slope approximately 15m long.
  • This leads to The Statutes.

The Statutes to Main Street

  • The path on The Statues is block paved.
  • The pavement is 150cm wide.
  • There is an easy slope all the way along.
  • The pavement leads past an entrance to a car park.
  • Traffic comes from both directions.
  • At the end of The Statutes there is a pedestrian crossing leading across Main Street.
  • There are dropped kerbs with tactile markings on both sides of the crossing.
  • Traffic comes from both directions.
  • Once over this crossing you are at Riverside Library.

Main Street to Riverside Library

  • Once over the pedestrian crossing you will see the library ahead.
  • There is an easy slope leading to the main entrance.
  • There are bollards at the front of the building.
  • The width between the bollards is 150cm.

Finishing Point - Riverside Library