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Route Plan 1 - Monks Orchard Road Bus Stop to Main Reception

Bethlem Royal Hospital, BR3 3BX

Access Guide

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  • Some of the details contained in this guide are subject to change due to building work currently being carried out.

Monks Orchard Road Bus Stop

  • The bus stop is located approximately 50m from the main gate.
  • The bus stop has seating which is under shelter.
  • The waiting area is not level and has an easy slope toward the curb and road.

Monks Orchard Road To Main Gate

  • The surface of the path is tarmac.
  • The path leading to the main gate is uneven in places .
  • The pedestrian access gate is 127cm wide.
  • The pedestrian access gate opens away from you.
  • The pedestrian access gate is permanently held open.
  • There is an easy slope leading through the gate on to the main path.

Main Gate Path To Main Reception

  • The surface of the path is tarmac.
  • It is uneven in places.
  • At the service road crossing you turn left to cross the road.
  • There are dropped kerbs without tactile paving on each side of the road.
  • Cross the road using the marked crossing and then turn left into the sectioned off pedestrian access walkway to the main reception.
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