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Route Plan 1 - Denmark Hill Bus Stop To Main Reception

Maudsley Hospital, SE5 8AZ

Access Guide

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Bus Stop To Hospital Grounds

  • Alight the bus at bus stop H4 in Denmark Hill.
  • Turn right onto the the pavement and proceed straight ahead towards the hospital.
  • There is an easy slope uphill.
  • Cross tactile paving at 28 metres.
  • Cross the hospital access road at 38 metres and then turn left at pedestrian entrance to the hospital grounds.

Hospital Grounds Pedestrian Entrance To Main Entrance Building

  • There is no gate at the entrance to the hospital grounds.
  • The opening width is 155cm.
  • Proceed straight ahead into the hospital grounds.
  • There is a moderate slope uphill with a block paving surface.
  • At approximately 50 metres from the bus stop cross the hospital access road.
  • There is a dropped kerb but no tactile paving.
  • Take care of traffic coming from the left.
  • Turn right and join pavement to left of access road via the dropped kerb.
  • The width of the pavement is 102cm.
  • The pavement has an easily undulating surface in sections.
  • Continue along the pavement until you reach the end of the main building access ramp.
  • You have reached the Main Entrance Building.
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