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Route Plan 2 - Denmark Hill Station To Main Reception

Maudsley Hospital, SE5 8BB

Access Guide

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Exit Station and Champion Park

  • The station exit can be accessed from the platforms via ramps or lift.
  • There are no doors at the station exit.
  • Exit the station and turn right into Champion Park.
  • At approximately 11 metres cross a strip of tactile paving on the pavement.
  • At 20 metres cross Windsor Walk.
  • There are dropped kerbs and tactile paving on both sides of the crossing.
  • Take care of traffic in both directions.
  • At approximately 32 metres the pavement splits to either side of a row of trees.
  • The narrowest section is 108cm wide.
  • Proceed straight ahead and at approximately 130 metres follow the path around to the right as it slopes easily downhill towards Denmark Hill.
  • At 150 metres cross some tactile paving at the junction with Denmark Hill.

Denmark Hill

  • Follow the path into Denmark Hill.
  • Proceed straight ahead past a bus stop.
  • There are some slightly uneven sections on the block paving surface.
  • At approximately 240 metres cross the hospital exit road.
  • There are dropped kerbs and tactile paving on both sides of the crossing and either side of a central island.
  • Continue along Denmark Hill until you reach the pedestrian entrance on the near side of the hospital access road at approximately 340 metres.

Hospital Grounds Pedestrian Entrance To Main Entrance Building

  • There is no gate at the entrance to the hospital grounds.
  • The opening width is 155cm.
  • Proceed straight ahead into the hospital grounds.
  • There is a moderate slope uphill with a block paving surface.
  • At approximately 50 metres from the bus stop cross the hospital access road.
  • There is a dropped kerb but no tactile paving.
  • Take care of traffic coming from the left.
  • Turn right and join pavement to left of access road via the dropped kerb.
  • The width of the pavement is 102cm.
  • The pavement has an easily undulating surface in sections.
  • Continue along the pavement until you reach the end of the main building access ramp.
  • You have reached the Main Entrance Building.
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