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Route Plan 7 - Main Reception Central Path To Ortus Centre

Maudsley Hospital, SE5 8AZ

Access Guide

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Hospital Grounds 1

  • To access the hospital grounds use the second gate to the right of the Main Entrance Building.
  • The gate is marked as being for disabled access.
  • There is an intercom at the gate which is at a convenient height for wheelchair users.
  • The gate opens automatically when contact is established via the intercom.
  • There is an easy slope uphill as you enter the hospital grounds via this gate.
  • Continue straight ahead, cross an access road and then turn left around the side of an outbuilding.
  • There is a moderate slope down with a width of 114cm.
  • Turn right back onto the tarmac path.

Hospital Grounds 2

  • Follow the tarmac path as it slopes easily uphill and then downhill past the Clinical Treatment Centre.
  • The width of the path is 140cm.
  • At approximately 80 metres from the start point cross an access road diagonally to the right.
  • There are dropped kerbs at the crossing but not tactile paving.

Hospital Grounds 3

  • Pick the path up again and continue past the map sign.
  • The path continues to be 140cm wide and has a tarmac surface.
  • The path slopes easily uphill.
  • At approximately 100 metres, bench seating is available on the left hand side of the path.
  • At approximately 115 metres the path slopes easily downhill.
  • At approximately 175 metres cross the access road.
  • There are dropped kerbs on both sides of the crossing but no tactile paving.
  • The path then has a slight cross slope from right to left.

Hospital Ground 4

  • At approximately 220 metres pass through a gateway.
  • The gate opens towards you and is held open.
  • The gate opening gap is 102cm.
  • There is a 2cm lipped threshold through the gateway.
  • After the gate bear right past some more bench seating.
  • There is a moderate slope uphill with a block paving surface.
  • Follow the path past the Social, Genetic and Development Psychiatry Centre (MRC) building on the left.
  • The path slopes easily uphill.
  • At approximately 260 metres turn left at the signpost towards the Ortus Centre.
  • The path narrows to a width of 120cm and slopes easily uphill with some some slightly undulating sections.
  • At approximately 280 metres the paths forks.
  • Take the left path and arrive at the Ortus Centre.
  • Click Here For Detailed Information.