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South West College

This Accessibility Guide is supported by:

South West College

About South West College

South West College is at the heart of the communities of Tyrone and Fermanagh. These two counties and their people have a long and proud history of both national and international interaction.

The College is physically represented at campuses in Cookstown, Dungannon, Enniskillen and Omagh. The College employs over 1000 full time and part time staff servicing some 14,000 enrolments with a turnover of £40m and makes a major contribution to the local and regional economy.

The College is committed to promoting accessibility for all and to being proactive to the needs of the individual student or member of staff, taking into account their abilities, in order that they may have an inclusive and fulfilling experience of College life.

The foundation stone this educational and training establishment offers is the range of curriculum offered, quality of teaching and learning provided, and the achievement of outcomes for students.

The college prides itself on its state of the art facilities such as the STEM Centre in Dungannon, the IDEA Centre in Omagh and the IMAGE centre in Enniskillen. Every student and employee can reach their full potential and are encouraged to do so.

The College provides an excellent working environment for students who will benefit from advanced technical equipment, opportunities for international links, the use of Information Learning Technology and the availability of many student support services.

With the help of AccessAble we hope to expand our support for disabled members of the college.

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