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Route Plan 5 - Reception to B Building

St Mary's University, Waldegrave Road, Twickenham, London, TW1 4SX

Access Guide

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Turn right and continue for 9m, then head left and continue for a further 9m to Waldegrave Road

  • On leaving the reception turn right until you reach the kerb of the pavement.
  • Do not go onto the pavement as it is cobbled and not at all level.
  • Instead stay on the road until you reach the drop kerb on to Waldegrave Road. This is shown in photograph 4.
  • There is an uphill gradient as you head towards the drop kerb on Waldegrave Road.

Turn right and continue for 45m along Waldegrave Road

  • Head along Waldegrave Road.
  • The surface of the block paving is uneven.
  • There is a tactile dropped kerb across Waldegrave Road (photograph 2).
  • There is a concrete service road with dropped kerbs either side (photograph 3).
  • Head past the bus stop (photograph 4) that serves Route 33 24hrs.
  • Continue until you reach the entrance to the other main St Mary's University Car Park.

Head into the Car Park

  • The paving at the entrance into the car park is a tactile dropped kerb leading onto the concrete of the service road.
  • Turn right to enter the car park, which has a tarmac surface.

Turn left and continue for 50m and head through the Car Park

  • Turn left and head across the car park which has an uneven tarmac surface and a slight downhill gradient.
  • There are speed bumps in the road about half way along this section. The gap between these speed bumps is 115cm wide (shown in photograph 2).

Turn right and continue for 15m until you reach the B Block Entrance Ramp

  • As you continue you will see that the car park expands to your right as you walk past B Block.
  • At this point turn right and head to the B Block entrance ramp.