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Route to Terminal - Green Short Stay Car Park and Radisson Blu

Stansted Airport, Bassingbourn Road, Essex, CM24 1QW

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Route from the Green Car Park

  • Green Car Park can be accessed via a footbridge.
  • The footbridge is accessed via the ramp from the Terminal and from Tunnel 4.
  • There is a block paving and concrete path with easy slopes, which is mostly covered, leading from the car park to the footbridge.
  • There are crossings from the car park to the main path, which have dropped kerbs and tactile paving.
  • It is approximately 200m (218yd) to the footbridge the Green Car Park.

Green Short Stay Car Park

Route from Radisson Blu Hotel

  • There is a brick block paving path, which is mostly covered, leading from the hotel entrance to the footbridge, which has an easy slope towards the end.
  • The path also crosses the service road . There is tactile paving either side of this crossing.
  • It is approximately 100m (109yd) to the hotel from the footbridge.
  • There is a dropped kerb with tactile paving on the far side of this crossing.
  • The path from the hotel meets the path from the Green Car Park just before the footbridge.


  • After the paths meet, there is a footbridge with an easy slope down.
  • On the far side, there is a block paving path which slopes down to the left, leading to the Train Station, or slope up straight ahead, to the rear of Tunnel 4.