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Tesco Preston Road Wembley Express

209-211 Preston Road, Wembley, London, HA9 8NF

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Getting Here

  • Parking View
    • The store does not have its own parking facilities.
  • By Bus View
    • There is a bus stop within 150 metres of the store entrance.
    • A bus stop on Carlton Avenue East is less than 0.1 miles away and is served by the 223 bus to Wembley Central/Harrow. A bus stop on Preston Way is 140 yards away and is served by the following buses: 79 - Alperton/Edgware 204 - Sudbury Town/Edgware 223 - Harrow/Wembley Central.
  • By Underground View
    • The nearest underground station is Preston Road.
    • Preston Road underground station is 140 yards away. It is on the Metropolitan line with direct links to Watford, Amersham, Uxbridge, Baker Street and Aldgate.

Getting Help and Assistance

  • There is a colleague available for help and assistance.
  • Ask for a colleague at the checkouts located on the left of the store. There is also a security guard at the entrance who can call for assistance.
  • This store is part of the Sunflower Lanyard Scheme.
  • The Sunflower Lanyard Scheme helps people with hidden disabilities which aren’t always obvious – such as autism, dementia and visual or hearing impairments.
  • British Sign Language interpreters cannot be provided on request.
  • There is a defibrillator in store.
  • The types of trolley available at this store include; standard (shallow).
  • There is not a water bowl available for assistance dogs.
  • There is not a portable hearing assistance system.
  • Colleagues are not trained to use the hearing assistance system.
  • A seat can be requested from a staff member.

Public Parking

  • On Street Blue Badge Parking View
    • The on street Blue Badge parking bay(s) is/are located on Preston Road.
    • The dimensions of the on street Blue Badge parking bay(s) surveyed are 220cm x 460cm (7ft 3in x 15ft 1in).
    • There are not parking charges for the on street Blue Badge parking bay(s).
    • Payment signs are clearly presented.
    • Payment term signs do make it clear if parking charges apply to Blue Badge holders.
    • Parking is free for Blue Badge holders.
  • On Street Standard Parking View
    • The standard on street parking is located on Preston Road.
    • There are standard bays on both sides of the Preston Road.


  • Approach View
    • The surface of the approach is block paving.
    • The pavement slopes upwards to the right and downwards to the left of the store entrance.
  • Ramp/Slope View
    • There is a ramp/slope on the approach.


  • Entrance View
    • This information is for the entrance located at the front of the store.
    • The entrance area/door is clearly signed.
    • This entrance is signed with 'Hello'.
    • There is step-free access at this entrance.
    • There is not a canopy or recess which provides weather protection at this entrance.
    • There is a dark mat or floor marking at this entrance area which may look like a hole to some people.
    • The entrance door(s) does not/do not contrast visually with its immediate surroundings.
    • The main door(s) open(s) automatically.
    • The door(s) is/are double width.
    • The door(s) is/are easy to open.
    • The width of the door opening is 155cm.
    • There is a small lip on the threshold of this entrance, with a height of 2cm or below.
    • There is a/are hand sanitiser(s) in this area.
    • The height of the hand sanitiser(s) is/are 120cm.
    • The hand sanitizer station is immediately infront of you as you enter the store.

Getting Around

  • Access and Circulation View
    • There is step-free access throughout the store.
    • The majority of aisle widths are 150cm+.
    • The minimum aisle width is 100cm.
    • There are product bins dotted around the store which can act as obstacles.
    • There are mats in aisles that might be perceived as holes.
    • The lighting levels are moderate to good.
    • Resting/seating areas are not available in this store.
    • A seat can be made available if required.
  • Signage View
    • Overhead aisle signage is provided.
    • The colour, design and typeface of signs is consistent throughout the store.
    • Dementia friendly signage is provided.


  • Checkout Area View
    • The checkout(s) is/are located on the left of the store .
    • There is step-free access to the checkout(s).
    • There is not a clear unobstructed route to the checkout(s).
    • The checkout(s) is/are clearly signed.
    • The lighting levels at the checkout(s) are moderate to good.
    • There is a/are staffed checkout(s) and self-service checkout(s).
  • Staffed Checkout(s) View
    • There are windows, TVs, glazed screens or mirrors at/behind the staffed checkout(s).
    • The staffed checkout(s) is not/are not placed in front of a plain background.
    • The height of the staffed checkout(s) is/are 90cm.
    • There is a lowered section at the staffed checkout(s).
    • The height of the lowered section at the staffed checkout(s) is 70cm.
    • There is a clear knee recess beneath the lowered section of the staffed checkout(s).
    • The chip & pin card machines are accessible from the staffed checkout(s).
    • There is a/are hearing assistance system(s) at the staffed checkout(s).
    • The following staffed checkout(s) have a hearing assistance system; the two right hand staffed checkouts.
    • The type of system is a fixed loop.
    • The hearing assistance system(s) is/are signed.
    • Colleagues are trained to use the hearing assistance system(s).
    • The hearing assistance system(s) was/were tested by an AccessAble surveyor.
    • The hearing assistance systems were tested at the following staffed checkout(s); Both checkout with hearing loops were tested.
    • The hearing assistance system(s) was/were tested on 24/06/2021.
    • The hearing assistance system(s) was/were working at the time of testing.
    • The middle checkout hearing loop worked. The right hand checkout hearing loop did not work
  • Self-Service Checkout(s) View
    • The controls/screen heights for the self-service checkout(s) vary between 90cm and 120cm.
    • The chip & pin card machines are accessible from the self-service checkout(s).
    • Colleagues can provide assistance with using the self-service checkout(s).
    • There are two self service checkouts.

Accessible Toilet(s)

  • There is not an/are not accessible toilet(s) available.

Standard Toilet(s)

  • Standard toilet facilities are not available.


  • The ATM(s) is/are located on the far left of the store facade.
  • The ATM(s) is/are 10m from the main entrance.
  • The controls/screen heights vary between 87cm and 120cm.
  • There is not a lowered ATM available.