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Route Guide: Accessible Short Stay Parking to Greenoaks

Rotherham Hospital, Moorgate Road, Rotherham, S60 2UD

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Hospital Parking (Accessible Short Stay Car Park and Drop Off)

  • Parking View
    • The hospital does have a dedicated car park.
    • The car parking facilities are for Blue Badge holders only.
    • The car park is located directly opposite the main hospital entrance.
    • The car park type is open air/surface.
    • The car park does not have a height restriction barrier.
    • The car park does have a barrier control system.
    • The barrier controls/touchscreen can be reached from the car.
    • The car park surface is tarmac.
    • There is a/are Blue Badge parking bay(s) available.
    • The Blue Badge bay(s) is/are clearly marked.
    • There is/are 35+ designated Blue Badge parking bay(s) within the hospital car park.
    • The dimensions of the designated Blue Badge parking bay(s) surveyed are 230cm x 470cm (7ft 7in x 15ft 5in).
    • There is not a 120cm hatched zone around the Blue Badge parking bay(s).
    • The dimensions of other designated Blue Badge parking bay(s) vary in size.
    • Parking spaces for Blue Badge holders do not need to be booked in advance.
  • Drop-off Point View
    • There is a designated drop-off point.
    • The drop-off point is located at the exit of the car park, opposite the main hospital entrance.
    • There is a dropped kerb from the drop-off point.
    • The dropped kerb does have tactile paving.
  • Paying View
    • There are not parking charges for the hospital car park.
  • Access to the Hospital View
    • The route from the car park to the entrance is accessible to a wheelchair user with assistance.
    • Assistance may be required because there is/are dropped kerbs.
    • The hospital entrance is clearly visible from the car park.
    • The nearest designated Blue Badge parking bay is approximately 39m (42yd 1ft) from the main hospital entrance.
  • Comments View
    • Access to the main hospital entrance is currently along the path next to the short stay drop off point then across the main entrance road to the hospital.
      This route has dropped curbs, bollards and slopes to navigate.
    • This car park is accessed through the main visitor car park.

Accessible Car Parking Crossing Point

  • When Leaving the Accessible Short Stay Car Park cross the crossing point to the concrete pavement.
  • There are yellow bollards to the right of the crossing point.
  • There is tactile paving as you exit the crossing.
  • Turn right onto the pavement.

Accessible Car Parking Crossing Point to Accessible Short Stay Crossing

  • The pavement goes uphill with a slight incline.
  • Walk up the slight sloped pavement until you reach the next crossing point.
  • Just before the crossing there is a bollard to prevent vehicles parking on the pathway.
  • The bollard contrasts visually with the paving.
  • The crossing point gets busy due to it sharing the same entrance as the main hospital car park.
  • The traffic travels both directions.

Accessible Short Stay Crossing

  • The crossing point has a drop down curb with tactile paving,
  • The other side of the crossing is slightly on the left.
  • The drop down curb with tactile paving has a steep slope upwards which levels out just after the tactile paving.

Accessible Short Stay Crossing to Greenoaks Crossing Point

  • When exiting the crossing, follow the pathway uphill which is on a slight slope until you arrive at the next crossing point.

Greenoaks Crossing Point

  • The crossing point has a drop down curb with tactile paving.
  • There is a similar drop down curb on the opposite side of the crossing.
  • To access Greenoaks turn right after this crossing which will involve walking on the road in order to access the pedestrian footpath.

Greenoaks Crossing Point to Greenoaks Entrance

  • Once on the concrete pedestrian walkway follow the path around as it slightly bends right.
  • The width of the pathway is 114cm.
  • Once the pathways ends, the Greenoaks entrance is located straight ahead.
  • There are bollards along the right hand side of the pathway to prevent vehicles driving onto it.
  • The vehicles contrast visually with the paving.

Outside Access (Entrance)

  • Entrance Details View
    • This information is for the entrance located at the front of the Greenoaks building.
    • The entrance area/door is clearly signed.
    • There is step free access at this entrance.
    • There is not a canopy or recess which provides weather protection at this entrance.
    • The entrance door(s) does/do contrast visually with its immediate surroundings.
    • There is not a bell/buzzer.
    • There is not an intercom.
    • There is a hand sanitiser.
    • The height of the hand sanitiser is 102cm (3ft 4in).
    • The main door(s) open(s) automatically (towards you).
    • The door(s) is/are double width.
    • The width of the door opening is 143cm.
    • There is a second set of doors.
    • The door(s) open(s) automatically (towards you).
    • The door(s) is/are double width.
    • The width of the door opening is 142cm.