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Torrington Car Park

Vale Avenue, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN1 1DJ

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COVID-19 Information

  • Users are asked to abide by on-site signs and government guidelines concerning social distancing and Covid-19 procedures.
  • There is not a member of staff available at the entrance.
  • There is not hand sanitiser available at the entrance.
  • There is clear signage inside to help with social distancing.

Opening Hours


  • The venue is situated outside the centre of the town.
  • This venue is situated in Tunbridge Wells.
  • The venue is situated on a road which has a steep gradient.
  • There is a bus stop within 150m (164yds) of the venue.
  • The nearest mainline station is Tunbrige Wells.

Public Car Park

  • The car park does have a height restriction barrier.
  • The maximum height is 198cm (6ft 6in).
  • The car park type is multi storey.
  • The car park surface is concrete.
  • This car park has 4 levels.
  • Blue Badge parking is located on level(s) 1.
  • There is/are 10+ Blue Badge parking bay(s) within the car park.
  • The dimensions of the Blue Badge parking bay(s) are 240cm x 480cm (7ft 10in x 15ft 9in).
  • Parking is not free for all users.
  • Parking is free for Blue Badge holders.
  • There is a payment machine at a convenient height for wheelchair users.
  • Access from the car park is via footpath(s) and direct access to street/road pavement.
  • The exit(s) is/are located off Vale Avenue.
  • There is a ramp or slope to exit which is located leading from to car park to Vale Avenue.
  • The gradient of the ramp/slope is slight.
  • The width of the ramp/slope is 90cm (2ft 11in).
  • There is not a/are not handrail(s) at the ramp.
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    • The pathway at the entrance point is narrow, under 100cm wide. There is a dropped kerb at the pedestrian crossing with no tactile paving.

Other Floors

  • Steps View
    • The floors which are accessible by stairs are G, 1, 2, 3, 4.
    • There are 15+ steps between floors.
    • The steps are clearly marked.
    • The steps are deep (18cm+).
    • The steps do have handrails.
    • The steps have a handrail on both sides.
    • There is a landing.
    • The lighting levels are moderate to good.


  • There is a lift for public use.
  • The lift is located on the left side of the car park.
  • The lift is a standard lift.
  • The floors which are accessible by this lift are G, 1, 2, 3, 4.
  • Staff do not need to be notified for use of the lift.
  • The clear door width is 109cm (3ft 7in).
  • The dimensions of the lift are 140cm x 206cm (4ft 7in x 6ft 9in).
  • There are not separate entry and exit doors in the lift.
  • There is not a mirror to aid reversing out of the lift.
  • The lift does have a visual floor indicator.
  • The lift does have an audible announcer.
  • The controls for the lift are within 90cm - 120cm from the floor.
  • The lift does not have Braille markings.
  • The lift does have tactile markings.
  • The lighting level in the lift is moderate to good.
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    • The lift is in operation Monday-Sunday 06:00 to 22:00 excluding Bank Holidays.

Accessible Toilet

  • There are not accessible toilets within this venue designated for public use.

Standard Toilet(s)