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Route Plan 6 - 4 South Building to the Library via The Parade

Claverton Down, Bath, BA2 7AY

Access Guide

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Route Summary

4 South Building Rear Entrance Level Change

  • There is a moderate slope in front of the entrance.
  • The surface of the slope is tarmac before becoming flag stones.

4 South Building Rear Entrance to the Access Path

  • There are two moderate slopes leading up to the access path from the South building rear entrance.
  • The surface leading from the rear entrance to the access path is flag stones which are uneven in places.
  • 24m from the rear entrance turn left and a further 5m turn right onto the access path.

Access Path to the Access Ramp

  • The surface of the access path is smooth tarmac.
  • The path is on an easy slope leading up to the access ramp situated at the rear of University Hall.
  • Continue along the access path for approximately 110m, after 90m the path surface becomes uneven concrete.
  • At the end of the path turn right up the access ramp.

Access Path to the University Hall Ramp

  • The surface of the ramp is concrete with areas of block paving.
  • The ramp is uneven in places with sections of block paving being very uneven with gaps and broken areas.
  • The ramp is steep.
  • The rear entrance to University Hall is located on the left as you go up the ramp. There is an accessible toilet 5m from the University Hall rear entrance.

University Hall Ramp to University Hall Entrance

  • There is a path leading from the top of the access road crossing ramp to the University Hall ramp. The surface of path is block paving and is uneven in places.
  • Continue along the path for approximately 18m before turning left and approaching a ramp or 3 steps.
  • The ramp is steep and has a handrail on the left. The ramp overcomes the steps.
  • The block paved surface of the ramp is uneven in places.
  • The steps are clearly marked and medium height.
  • The steps are higher on the side running alongside the ramp.
  • Turn left at the top of the ramp/steps and continue towards the University Hall entrance.

University Hall Main Entrance to the Lift

  • There is a single door within the University Hall foyer, leading to the ground floor corridor and lift. This door is touch sensor operated and opens away from you.
  • At the end of the corridor is another single touch sensor operated door. When you exit this door the lift is on the right.
  • The surface within University Hall is carpet which is level.

The Parade Bar to the Parade

  • As you exit the lift into the Parade Bar the surface changes from lino to an area of wooden flooring and then to carpet as you approach the exit to the building.
  • Turn left when entering the Parade Bar, the exit doors on to The Parade are then 9m straight ahead.
  • The doors are double width and touch sensor operated.
  • There is a lip at either side of the threshold of the door.
  • In the event of any access issues and you need assistance please contact university security on 01225 385 349.

The Parade to the Library

  • When entering the parade there is a staircase in front of you with a low concrete bar. Continue ahead for approximately 20m then turn right onto the main parade walkway.
  • The library is then located on the left.
  • The surface of the walkway is made up of large flag stones which are uneven in places.