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Route Plan One - Transport Hub to University Hall and Badock Hall

Hiatt Baker Hall, Parry's Lane, Bristol, BS9 1AD

Access Guide

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Transport Hub

  • The Transport Hub is situated adjacent to Hiatt Baker Hall in Stoke Bishop.
  • The Hub is served by service Wessex 16 which runs (term time only) every 6-7 minutes in the morning peak, every 20 minutes in the daytime, 7-8 minutes afternoon peak and every 30 minutes in the evenings. At weekends the service runs every 45 minutes.
  • The service route is from Stoke Bishop to the City Centre (Colston Avenue) via Tyndalls Park and Woodlands Road, the main University Campus buildings.
  • First year Undergraduate Students and Senior Residents living in Stoke Bishop Halls (Hiatt Baker, University, Badock, Churchill, The Holmes, Wills and Durdham) receive a free pass. All other students, staff and public pay on the service.
  • There are four bus bays on the Hub, all of which are served by crossings with dropped kerbs.
  • The Hub itself is accessible, with platforms for level access onto the buses and dropped kerbs at all crossings.
  • Two of the Hiatt Baker residential units are accessible to people with mobility difficulties, but all other routes have steep slopes unsuitable for wheelchair or other mobility aid users.
  • There are clear maps displayed at the Hub showing pathways to all the Stoke Bishop Halls.

Travel Information Point

  • There is a clearly visible Travel Information Point overlooking the Transport Hub in the side of the building facing the Source Cafe.
  • There is weather protection above the window. There are two shelf counter levels, 110cm and 83cm above the ground and there is also signage for an induction loop. There is no signage to show hours of operation.
  • Throughout the Transport Hub there are signs recommending passengers download the Travelwest Bus Checker app which gives live information on timing of bus services throughout the West of England. Further information is available at

Arriving Transport Hub Bay 1 turn Right to University Hall

  • On leaving the bus turn right and follow the block paved path (photograph 1 & 2).
  • There is a short moderate slope up then a short easy slope down between the bus stop and the marked crossing (photograph 3 & 4). There are dropped kerbs and tactile paving on both sides of the crossing (photograph 5).
  • Follow the path (tarmac) beside the car park. The residential blocks of University Hall are to the right (photograph 6 & 7).
  • The main building is to the left up a long, external, flight of steps (photograph 8).
  • There is an alternative path giving access to the main building; without crossing the road follow the sloping path to the entrance to the main building straight ahead, approximately 120m (photograph 9 & 10).

From University Hall Car Park turn right to Badock Hall

  • At the end of the car park, bear right down the pathway that serves the University Hall residential blocks.
  • The path is 120cm wide with a tarmac surface and is approximately 150m long. The path is a continuous easy slope with no level sections (photograph 1-3).
  • At the end of the path turn right into Hollybush Lane which is a steep slope from left to right. The pathway has deep gutters each side and is a designated cycle path so care must be taken on stepping from the pathway to the lane.
  • Continue down Hollybush Lane for 20m and Badock Hall is on the left. There is no level access to the main building. There is a loose gravel area leading to two short sets of steps with no handrails or contrast edges.
  • At the top of the steps turn left and then right at the corner of the building. The main entrance is on the right.