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Route From Stratford Station to University Square Stratford

University Square Stratford, 1 Salway Road, London, E15 1NF

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  • This route is from Stratford Station main entrance to University Square Stratford (USS).

Outside Access (Stratford Station Entrance)

  • This information is for the entrance located at the front of the station.
  • There is level access to the service.
  • The main doors are open (no doors).

Square Outside Stratford Station

  • On leaving the station, turn left and follow the block paving and moderate slope up to the crossing.

Square to Great Eastern Road

  • At the top of the slope leading from the station turn left onto Great Eastern Road.
  • There are bollards, 118cm wide leading from the top of the square to Great Eastern Road.

Great Eastern Road

  • After the bollards continue along Great Eastern Road where you will reach a service road.
  • Use the tactile paving to cross the service road.
  • This path has a tarmac then block paving surface before becoming tarmac again.
  • Along the route there is a dip in the pavement with a slight slope downwards followed by a steep slope upwards (as shown in photographs 3 and 4).
  • Continue on the path as it leads to the right to service route 2 crossing.
  • Use the dropped kerb and tactile paving to cross service route 2.

Crossing Great Eastern Road

  • Immediately after crossing service route 2 use the crossing to the right to cross Great Eastern Road.
  • The crossing has dropped kerbs with tactile paving on both sides.
  • The road has a tarmac surface.
  • After crossing Great Eastern Road continue forward across the brick block paving and cross the cycle lane using the tactile paving.
  • After crossing continue to the left on Great Eastern Road.

Great Eastern Road to Theatre Square

  • Beyond the crossing the surface is tarmac.
  • Continue along the path which has a slight slope leading upwards.
  • Follow the tarmac path until reaching Theatre Square.

Theatre Square

  • Continue through Theatre Square to carry on along Great Eastern Road.
  • This surface of the path is brick block paving surface with slight slopes.
  • Theatre Square is located on the right.
  • Continue ahead to the crossing over Salway Road to University Square.

Salway Road Crossing

  • The crossing has tactile paving either side and an even surface leading onto the tarmac road.
  • The surface continues as smooth brick block paving after the crossing.
  • Turn right after the crossing and continue straight along the path next to University Square building.

Path along the side of University Square

  • This path has a block paving surface, with an easy slope leading down towards the car parking area.
  • The block paving is uneven in places.
  • There are bollards located on each side of the path.
  • At the end of the path turn left towards the University Square entrance. The path changes to a brick block paving surface here.
  • The University Square entrance is located straight ahead and then on the left.