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Grey Route - Main Gate to James Watt South (External)

University of Glasgow, Glasgow, G12 8QQ

Access Guide

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  • This route plan covers the journey from the Main Gate on University Avenue to the James Watt Building (South) on the South Front. The journey is approximately 480m (0.3 mile). For those without mobility difficulties it may take about 6 minutes to cover. From Dumbarton Way to the James Watt Building (South) there is then a long moderate uphill then downhill slope along the South Front. This section may be challenging to those with mobility difficulties, including the return journey. This routes also incorporates access to McIntyre Building, Security Gatehouse, Equality and Diversity Unit, Principal’s Lodge, and main committee rooms in the main Gilbert Scott Building.

Enter via the Left Main Gate and Pass McIntyre Building

  • Pass through the left main gate from University Avenue, where the surface changes from concrete to paving slabs.
  • The McIntyre Building is on the left here.
  • Link to McIntyre Building.
  • There are chained bollards on the kerb side.
  • There is an easy ramp leading up to the entrance.
  • After the John McIntyre Building entrance, continue back down the easy ramp on the other side towards the junction corner.
  • Cross the entrance road beyond the barrier where there is a raised crossing.
  • The raised crossing has a lightly cobbled surface and there are dropped kerbs without tactile paving on both sides.

Enter via the Right Main Gate and Pass the Security Office

  • Enter the right main gate from University Avenue, where there is an easy slope in the archway and the concrete surface changes to paving slabs.
  • Follow the path round the crescent to the right then back out to the left and continue past the security desk to the corner.
  • Link to Security Gatehouse (Main Campus).

Follow the Pavement Round to the Right

  • Follow the pavement round to the right towards Professor Square.
  • Continue to the next corner.

Turn Left in Professor Square

  • Turn left at the corner onto Professor Square.
  • Continue along the pavement where there is a bollard to the left kerb before the pavement narrows for the buildings on the right.

Continue Towards Dumbarton Way

  • Towards the end of Professor Square after the stepped entrance to the Equality and Diversity Unit there is an easy slope downwards.
  • Link to Equality and Diversity Unit.
  • Take a slight left off the lowered kerb onto the road heading for Dumbarton Way.
  • There is no tactile paving and there are bollards to the road here.

Access to No.12 the Principal's Lodgings

  • From the end of Professor Square turn back left along the road towards the Principal's Lodgings on the right.
  • Turn right on the road around the square and No 12 is the first entrance at the start of an easy slope.
  • The accessible entrance is to the right, before the steps.
  • Link to Principal's Lodgings.

Continue Along Professor Square and Turn Left onto Dumbarton Way

  • At the end of Professor Square road turn left at the junction into the road on Dumbarton Way.
  • Pedestrians have priority over traffic on roads throughout the campus.
  • There is an easy slope which becomes moderate at the junction, then a long moderate slope up Dumbarton Way and the South Front.

Continue 130m Uphill on Dumbarton Way onto the South Front

  • Continue uphill on the road which becomes the South Front in front of the main campus building.
  • The slope becomes easier near the central summit where the entrance to the building is located.
  • This is the entrance to the Gilbert Scott Building, through to the Bute and Randolph Halls and up to the Senate Committee rooms.
  • Link to Bute and Randolph Halls
  • Link to Carnegie Room
  • Link to Melville Room
  • Link to Senate Room
  • Link to Turnbull Room.

Continue 110m Down the South Front

  • Continue down South Front past the Gilbert Scott Building towards the light building on the left of the road.
  • There is a moderate slope all the way down to the James Watt (South) Building.

Follow the South Front Round to the Left into the James Watt Building (South)

  • Continue on past a car park junction road out from the rear of the James Watt Building on the left.
  • There is a pavement to the left of the road beyond this junction which leads to the front steps.
  • There is a paving slab surface and there is not a dropped kerb as there are steps round the corner.
  • Continue along the road and follow it round to the left into the James Watt Building car park.

Access to the James Watt Building (South)

  • Turn left into the car park as the slope turns easier at the bottom of the South Front slope.
  • Use the easy slope to the left onto the paving slabs at the front entrance.
  • You have arrived.
  • Link to James Watt Building.