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Violet Route - Main Gate to Western Infirmary Lecture Theatre

University of Glasgow, Glasgow, G12 8QQ

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  • This route plan covers the journey from the Main Gate on University Avenue to the Western Infirmary Lecture Theatre.
    The journey is approximately 510m (0.3 mile).
    For those without mobility difficulties it may take about 5-6 minutes to cover.
    From University Avenue to the Bower Building there is a long downhill slope.
    This section may be challenging to those with mobility difficulties, including the return journey.

Exit the Main Gate and Turn Left

  • Exit the right main gate and turn left onto University Avenue.
  • If exiting from the gate on the left as you face the main gate (from University Avenue - photograph 1), cross the quiet entrance road towards the right gate.
  • The main gate entrance road is level to the kerbs without tactile paving on either side.
  • There is a paved surface with some tactile paving near the pedestrian crossing over the busy main road.

Continue 140m Down University Avenue

  • Head down University Avenue past the traffic lights on the right with the main campus fence all the way on the left.
  • There is some tactile paving at the top for the pedestrian crossing, then a moderate slope down the slightly narrower tarmac pavement.
  • The pavement curves slightly round to the left and has an easy camber.
  • There were some temporary roadworks near the Bower Building in September 2019, using it's car park as the route bypasses some of this.

Access the Bower Building

  • After the main campus grounds on the left end is the Bower Building gates.
  • Turn left into the Bower Building car park, which has block paving surface throughout.
  • There is an easy slope following the University Avenue hill downwards.
  • There is an easy slope following the University Avenue hill downwards.
  • The accessible entrance to the Bower Building is to the left of the building.
  • Link to Bower Building.

Exit the Bower Building Car Park onto University Place

  • Continue past the Bower Building through its car park which has an easy slope down.
  • Beyond the building there are dropped kerbs with bollards on either side leading to the paved area at the exit gate.
  • Continue through the exit gate which leads to University Place and follow the pavement down the street.
  • There is a concrete surface with an easy slope following the street down.
  • There were works in the road with red and white barriers marking boundaries at the time of survey.
  • There were 3 unmarked square areas towards the road side which had a woodchip surface to be aware of.

Cross the University Place Temporary Crossing

  • Approximately 50m beyond the Bower Building gate is a temporary crossing to continue further down University Place.
  • There are red and white construction blocks to mark the route.
  • These blocks continue out in the road until a narrow part of the road must be crossed.
  • There are single white lines on either side of the pedestrian route across.
  • Care should be taken when crossing this area.
  • here are dropped kerbs without tactile paving on both sides.
  • Once across turn left and continue down University Place.

Continue Along University Place

  • Continue along University Place past the glass Wolfson Medical School building until the next narrow road junction leading down to its underground car park.
  • There is an easy slope down the length of the road past some steps to the building.
  • Cross the narrow car park access road which has single while lines indicating the pedestrian route over it.
  • There are dropped kerbs without tactile paving on both sides.

Cross Back Across University Place

  • Continue past the brick building on the right until the next temporary road crossing.
  • Turn left across back across University Place at the similar crossing.
  • There is not a dropped kerb here, so assistance may be required.
  • There are similar red and white barriers leading out onto the road as before with a central area to be crossed with care.
  • There is a dropped kerb without tactile on the far side.
  • Once across take a slight right.

Access to the Western Infirmary Lecture Theatre

  • Just after the temporary crossing turn left before the Mathematics Building.
  • There is a wide tarmac path with the Mathematics Building on your right which leads to the Western Infirmary Lecture Theatre.
  • Follow the pavement round to the right beyond the wide Maths Building path.
  • There is an easy slope down towards the building on the left to bypass 2 steps from the Maths Building.
  • There is an easy slope near the end of this path with a handrail on the left.
  • Turn left and follow the narrower paved path round to the front of the building.
  • The main entrance is round to the left.