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Route from the Roland Levinsky Building to the Sherwell Centre

University of Plymouth, Drake Circus, Plymouth, Devon, PL4 8AA

Access Guide

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  • This is a route from the Roland Levinsky Building to the Sherwell Centre.
  • The route is approximately 350m long.
  • It takes under 5 minutes to complete the route.
  • The route is pedestrianised from the Roland Levinsky Building to North Hill where it follows the pavement to the junction with the pedestrianised Sherwell Lane.
  • The pedestrianised surface is block paved and the street surface is even paving slabs.
  • All the buildings are clearly named and there are some wall and finger signs.
  • Throughout the campus, University vehicles may use the pedestrian areas.
  • They are restricted to 5mph and the pedestrians have right of way.
  • The campus is situated on a hillside and there are sections of the route with moderately steep gradients.

Roland Levinsky Building

Roland Levinsky Building to North Hill

  • From the Roland Levinsky Building main reception entrance on Glanville Street, turn right towards North Hill, this area is shown in photographs 1 and 2.
  • After 60m there is a line of bollards across Glanville Street, as shown in photograph 3.
  • The bollards are 95cm high and have a contrast band at the top.
  • They can be demounted to allow delivery vehicles to access the area.
  • Pass through the line of bollards and turn left.
  • After 15m there is a line of corduroy tactile paving which denotes the edge of the area where vehicles can cross, shown in photograph 4.
  • The paving on North Hill is paving slabs, which may be uneven in some areas.
  • Continue up the easy slope of North Hill.

North Hill to Portland Square

  • Continue on North Hill passing the 4 bus stops on this section of North Hill, as shown in photographs 1 and 2.
  • 15m beyond the fourth bus stop, just past the telephone boxes, bear left onto Sherwell Lane, photographs 3 and 4.
  • The paving at this point changes to block paving.
  • For Portland Square, bear left again to the main entrance.
  • There is a gutter across the diagonal path but not across the adjacent straight pathway, as shown in photograph 6.
  • Directly ahead is the main entrance, as shown in photograph 5.

Portland Square to Sherwell Centre

  • Instead of turning towards the Portland Square Building, keep straight ahead up the easy slope on Sherwell Lane, as shown in photograph 1.
  • To your right is a car park for use by the church, as shown in photograph 2.
  • Vehicles move slowly on the pedestrianised area and there is ample space to avoid them.
  • Pass through the bollards across the pathway, they are 95cm high with contrast bands and at least 150cm between them, as shown in photograph 3.
  • Bear to the left of the church and the Sherwell Centre is 15m ahead to your right, as shown in photograph 4.

Sherwell Centre