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Route 3: Piazza to Oak House (via Rik Medlik, Senate House)

Senate House, Stag Hill Campus, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 7XH

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Piazza to Rik Medlik

  • From the bus stops at the front of the Piazza, head directly across following the path that leads straight into the corner of the Rik Medlik and Austin Pearce buildings. This path has a block paved surface which is uneven in places. When you come to the end of that path, follow the easy ramp up through the gap in the buildings to the road/ car park at the rear of the Rik Medlik building.

Rik Medlik to Road

  • Once you’re at the rear of the Rik Medlik building, use the dropped kerb to cross the road. The dropped kerb does not have tactile paving. Once across, follow the path for 15 meters until you reach the road.

Road to Senate House Car Park

  • Once at the road, please cross over using the dropped kerb, which has tactile paving, and then turn left once across and follow the red path for another 20 meters until you reach the Senate House Car Park on the right hand side.

Senate house Car Park to Senate House

  • Once at the car park, please cross over and access the path. The path has a dropped kerb but has no tactile paving. Once on the tarmac path, follow it round to the right and to the end where you will come to a zebra crossing. The path has a tarmac surface all the way to the zebra crossing. Once at the zebra crossing, cross straight over. There is a dropped kerb with tactile paving on both sides. Once across, turn left and then immediately right to come to the front of Senate House. For access information please see the Senate House access guide.

Senate House to Student Services Centre

  • Please enter Senate House, enter the lift, go to the second floor and then exit the building at the rear. Once out of the building, follow the slabbed path to the end and turn left. Now follow the path and take the next left again. At this point you’re at the bottom of Oak House and outside the Student Services Centre.

Student Services Centre to Student Union platform lift

  • Follow the level, slabbed path along the front of the SSC until the end at which point you’ll turn right. Follow to the end and then quickly turn left. Follow this along for 40 meters until coming to the student union. The path is block paving and uneven in places. Continue to follow the path along until you come up to the Unions Basement Restaurant, at which point there is a platform lift on the right hand side that will need to be used to overcome the stairs that lead to the rest of the Oak House. Please see the Student Union access guide for more details.

Student Union platform lift to Oak House

  • Once out of the lift, follow the path directly ahead of you as you come up to the Oak House level. Follow the path under the canopy and along the front of Oak House. The path has a slight gradient change as you follow it along to the entrance and has a slabbed surface. Please see the Oak House access guide for more details.