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Route 8: Library to the Nest (via Lecture Theatre)

Senate House, Stag Hill Campus, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 7XH

Access Guide

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Library to Lecture Building Entrance

  • Exit the library via the Simply Fresh shop on your right. Turn left and walk along the path for about 15 meters where the it changes from tarmac to block paving. On the left hand side up an easy slope is the entrance to the Lecture Building. It's a single width door that opens towards you.

Lecture Building Entrance to Lecture Building Exit

  • Once you have entered the building, continue straight ahead and the path will change from carpet to vinyl flooring. Bear to the right and go through the double doors. Turn immediately to your right and the lift entrance will be in front of you. Enter the lift and go down to level 1. Exit the lift and turn right and head towards the end of the foyer area where the flooring changes from vinyl to carpet. First go through the double automatic doors and then the single automatic door and this will take you out of the Lecture Building.

Lecture Building Exit to the Nest

  • Once you exit the Lecture Building where the path changes from carpet to block paving, there is a steep slope to the right of the stairs in front of you. Take the slope down to the open area which is in front of the Philip Marchant Building. The paving is uneven in places. Go across the open area for about 8 meters and the entrance to the Nest will be in front of you.