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Wimbledon College of Arts - Route Plan

Merton Hall Road, London, SW19 3QA

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  • Services / facilities within the grounds include a.
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    • This plan is for an accessible walking route from Dundonald Road Tram Stop to Wimbledon College of Art.
    • The total length of the walk is 670m (0.67km / 0.4 miles).
    • The walk is generally level, with level surfaces or dropped kerbs at crossing points.
    • Not all crossings have tactile markings.
    • For people without mobility impairments, the walk should take about 7 minutes.

Travel to Dundonald Road Tram Stop

  • The tram route runs from Wimbledon to New Addington with links to Croydon.
  • Dundonald Road is one stop from Wimbledon Station (1 minute).
  • The tram network is wheelchair accessible with lifts or ramps to platforms.
  • There is level access between the platforms and the trams.
  • There is tactile paving at the edge of the platforms.
  • Head towards Dundonald Road.
  • There is an easy slope from the platform to the road.

If arriving from Wimbledon, cross over the tramlines to the right

  • There is a dropped kerb and tactile paving to mark the pedestrian crossing.
  • The pedestrian crossing does not have an audible announcer.
  • It does have a rotating tactile cone.
  • The tram tracks are recessed into the road surface.
  • Take care with small-wheeled mobility aids or walking sticks.

Turn right onto Dundonald Road

  • The pavement is level tarmac.

After 25m cross to the opposite side of Dundonald Road

  • There is a marked crossing point with a central refuge.
  • There are dropped kerbs with tactile paving.
  • After the crossing continue to the right along Dundonald Road.

After 50m cross over Fairlawn Road at the junction with Dundonald Road

  • The road surface has been raised up to be level with the pavement.
  • There is not tactile paving at the crossing.
  • The road surface is block paving.
  • Continue ahead on Dundonald Road.

Continue ahead along Dundonald Road

  • After 80m pass the entrance to the Dundonald Recreation Ground on the left.
  • Continue ahead.
  • Pass Dundonald Primary School on the left.
  • The pavement is generally level tarmac.

After 200m reach the junction with Merton Hall Road

  • Cross to the opposite side of the road.
  • There are dropped kerbs with tactile paving at the crossing.

Turn left into Merton Hall Road

  • Continue ahead.
  • The pavement is level paving and tarmac.

After 100m cross over the entrance to Braeside Gardens

  • The road surface is raised level with the pavement.
  • There is no tactile paving at the crossing.
  • The road surface is block paving.
  • Continue ahead on Merton Hall Road.
  • The railings enclosing the college buildings are to the right.

After 110m the entrance gate to the college will be on the right

  • The reception building, where all visitors must report, is directly ahead from the gate.