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Route 1: Guildford Station to Library (via Students’ Union and Oak House)

Senate House, Stag Hill Campus, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 7XH

Access Guide

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Leave Guildford Station and follow Walnut Tree Close to Jewson

  • As you leave the station follow the signs for the exit. Once at the road exit, follow the path down towards the main road and round to the left. At this point, the path has a smooth tarmac surface which has a gradient sloping down towards the road. When you’re on Walnut Tree Close, you’ll need to follow the path for 0.4 miles until you reach the store signed Jewson. There are multiple road crossings along Walnut Tree Close, all of which have dropped kerbs without tactile paving. The majority of this path had a tarmac surface which is uneven in places and can become narrow at some points.

Turn left at Jewson and follow the road up to the train track bridge

  • Once you have reached Jewson, turn left and begin to follow the hill up to the bridge. The hill has a steep gradient and has a very uneven surface, made of stones. Follow the road for another 50 meters until you come to the start of the bridge. The gradient becomes even steeper as the end of the road and the start of the bridge meet. The surface changes from an uneven stone to block paving which is uneven in places. As you come onto the bridge, the surface becomes smooth tarmac all the way across until the end.

Cross the train track bridge and follow the path up to the road, turn right and begin to follow the road

  • Once off of the bridge, continue to follow the path until it splits into two, the gradient remains steep on this section of path beyond the bridge. Take the right path and follow to the road. Once at the road, the gradient levels out and becomes flat. Turn right and begin to follow the road. There is a road crossing about 10 meters in front of you with a deep step down, so for these 15 meters you’ll have to go onto the road until there is a dropped kerb. Once back onto the path, continue to follow the path as it runs past the long accommodation building on the right hand side and the Wellbeing Centre on the left. The path has a smooth tarmac surface.

Cross the road and begin to follow the road up the hill to the Students Union

  • Once past the Wellbeing Centre, cross the road using the dropped kerb with tactile paving, and begin to ascend the steep hill all the way to the top. Along the way there are 2 road crossings which both have dropped kerbs without tactile paving. The path has a mostly smooth surface with places that are rough and uneven. Continue to follow the road past the Student Union where the gradient begins to become moderate. Please see the Students Union access guide for more information.

Follow the road past the Students Union and along past Oak House

  • As you come past the Students Union, the gradient of the hill becomes steep once again. Continue to follow the road up the steep hill for 40 meters until you come to a split in the road. At the point, take the right hand option and follow it along the side of Oak House. For access information, please see the Oak House access guide. Now the gradient of the hill levels out and becomes an easy slope. The path at this point is mostly smooth with rough and uneven areas in places.

Continue to follow the path past Oak house and along past Surrey Court

  • As you follow the path past Oak House, it begins to weave round as you come to the buildings. Stick to the path and follow it round for a further 25 meters as you come past the University Hall on the right and Surrey Court on left. For access information on either building, please see the Surrey Court or Oak House access guides. There is no longer a road so the surface switches from tarmac to a mixture of block paving and paving slabs. Both of which are mostly smooth but are uneven in some places. There is also a slight slope leading across the path, into a small gully.

Continue to follow the path past Surrey Court and along until you reach the Library/Learning Centre

  • As you follow the slabbed path along for 15 meters, it begins to bend round slightly to the right and has an easy gradient running down the hill towards the library. Continue along this path until the surface turns back to block paving, which is mostly smooth but uneven in places, and follow it along as it runs round to the left. At this point you will be on the final path that leads you to the Library/Learning Centre. There is a moderate slope that lasts for approx. 13 meters before levelling out in front of the entrance to the Library/Learning Centre. For information regarding access to this building please see the Library/Learning Centre access guide.