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Route from The Lanyon Building to McClay Library

Queen's University Belfast, University Road, Belfast, BT7 1NN

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Head Through The Lanyon Building to The Quadrangle

  • Please see the Lanyon Building guide for access information. Once you are at the front of the Lanyon Building, enter via the ramp to the right of the entrance and begin to head straight to the rear of the main foyer area. There is a smooth and level tiled floor throughout the foyer area. After roughly 16 meters, you will have two exits, one on either side of you.
  • Exit the building via the doors on your right hand side. Once you have exited the building, there is a path that leads you along to a slight slope on your left hand side which leads you onto the centre of the campus (the Quadrangle).

Quadrangle to the New Physics Building

  • Continue along the path for 30 meters, leading towards the middle of the campus, there is a slight ramp heading down as you continue along the path.
  • There is a smooth slabbed surface which does have some areas that are uneven.
  • Once you have reached the bottom of the ramp, there is an opening on the right hand side which leads through the joining of the Lanyon Building and the Old Physics Building. Head through the opening for 20 meters until you come to the end of the walkway and the New Physics Building is directly ahead of you.
  • At this point the path is level and changes from a slabbed to a bock paved surface.

New Physics Building to the Mathematics and Physics Teaching Centre

  • Once you're in front of the New Physics Building, turn left and begin to head down the slight hill leading down to the teaching centre and the library.
  • There are bollards at the top of the hill which have a width of 240 cm. The hill has a slight gradient and a smooth block paved surface. Along the hill, roughly every 10 meters there is a bench.
  • Follow the hill down for roughly 40 meters, at which point you will come to a second set of bollards which have a width of 120cm. This is also the point in which the hill becomes level. Continue along the path for another 15 meters and you will now be looking directly at the library with the teaching centre on your left hand side.

Teaching Centre to the McClay Library

  • Follow the path along for 25 meters, passing the teaching centre on your left hand side. At this point the path begins to incline and has a slight gradient. This hill lasts for roughly 20 meters before it levels out. Carry along this path until you reach the top of the hill.
  • At this point, the McClay Library is right in front of you. Continue towards the building, passing through yet more bollards, which have a width of 120cm.
  • Please see the McClay Library guide for more access information.