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Townhead Street Guide

Townhead Street, Cumnock, East Ayrshire, KA18 1LA

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    • Cumnock is the second largest town in East Ayrshire, located to the east of the A76 from Kilmarnock to Dumfries.
    • This guide covers the main shopping area of Townhead Street.
    • Townhead Street runs from the corner and junction with Glaisnock Street near The Square in the west until the junction with Drumbrochan Road/Edgar Avenue in the east.
    • The shopping area is approximately 190m (0.1 miles) and takes approximately 5 minutes to walk.
    • The full street is approximately 700m (0.5 miles) with Cumnock Juniors FC grounds around 500m from the Glaisnock Street junction.
    • The shopping area has some slight slopes in places but it mainly level.
    • Footpaths on both sides are block paving and tarmac.
    • The pavements are approximately 210cm wide.
    • There are no opportunities to sit and rest.

Getting Here

  • By Car:
  • Cumnock town centre is located approximately 1 mile from the A76 Kilmarnock-Dumfries road, using Ayr Road (A70) from the north west or Glaisnock Road (B7083) from the south east.
  • The A70 (Ayr-Edinburgh) road comes through Cumnock approximately 150m from the centre with good links to Tanyard Car Park or the central Ayr Road Car Park.
  • Glaisnock Street is in the town centre and runs from east to west.
  • To the west it begins the corner and junction with Glaisnock Street near The Square.
  • To the east it joins at the junction with Drumbrochan Road/Edgar Avenue.
  • Parking:
  • There are short and long stay car parks in the town centre with some on-street Blue Badge parking located in Townhead Street.
  • By Bus:
  • The bus station at Tanyard is approximately 130m from Townhead Street from The Square and is served by many routes to surrounding areas.
  • Coalfield Community Transport also offer minibus links throughout the area, with membership costs approximately £5.
  • By Train:
  • Auchinleck Station is 1.7 miles from Cumnock town centre.
  • There are ramps to both platforms, with a stepped bridge.


  • On-Street Blue Badge Parking
  • There are 3 designated Blue Badge bays on Townhead Street.
  • There is a dropped kerb with tactile paving from the bay.
  • There are also 2 designated bays to the near The Square on the one-way Lugar Street.
  • On-Street Standard Parking
  • There are standard parking bays to the east of Townhead Street near Cumnock Juniors FC Social Club.
  • Public Car Parks
  • There are several free public car parks nearby.
  • Townhead Street Car Park offers 2 designated bays around 100m away.
  • There are also some standard parking bays behind the Townhead Street shops on The Strand around 20m away via the access lanes.
  • Ayr Road Car Park to the west offers some designated bays around 75m from Townhead Street via the access lanes and Glaisnock Street.
  • Tanyard Car Park to the west offers several designated bays and is around 140m away via via Tower Street lane and Glaisnock Street.
  • Glaisnock Street Car Park to the south east behind Cumnock Town Hall offers several designated bays around 230m from Townhead Street.
  • ASDA supermarket to the east of Townhead Street has a customer car park around 210m away from the shopping area.
  • Further along Cumnock Juniors FC also have their own car parks.
  • Drop-off
  • There are no designated drop-off points.
  • Taxi rank
  • There is not a taxi rank although Ayrshire Transport - Cumnock Taxis office is located near the junction with Glaisnock Street.

Glaisnock Street - Townhead Street

  • The pavement from the junction with the one-way section of Glaisnock Street on the north side is 113cm wide.
  • There is a block paving surface.
  • There is a railing towards the traffic lights.
  • There is a lollipop attendant during school times nearer the Glaisnock Street junction, although there are no dropped kerbs there.
  • The south side is wider, narrowing near the bus shelter where it is raised for buses to stop.
  • The raised bus stop has tactile paving.
  • There is a bin, lamppost and electricity box on the wider side of the bus stop.
  • The new shopping area joins to here near the bus stop and has a paved surface.

Glaisnock Water and Shopping Area

  • There are wide bollards behind the bus stop to access the new shopping area where there are many benches and a paved open space.
  • There is a slight slope up beyond the bollards.
  • There are benches along the side of the slope and on a wide bridge over Glaisnock Water.
  • There are steps down to Glaisnock Street from this bridge or a slight slope further along (please refer to Glaisnock Street guide for details).
  • The paved area also runs parallel to the Townhead Street pavement at a lower level until a steep slope at the car park junction entrance.
  • There are wide bollards at the top of the steep slope.
  • There are also steps down which are bypassed by the slope.
  • There are 7 medium height, clearly marked steps with a central handrail.
  • There is tactile paving at the bottom and top of the steps.

Crossings - The Strand

  • There is a pedestrian crossing to the west of The Strand junction.
  • The push buttons are 110cm high.
  • There are no rotating cones beneath the controls.
  • There are dropped kerbs with tactile paving on both sides.
  • There are metal studs in the road for guidance at the crossing.
  • The Strand junction is a 2-way backstreet to the rear parking area.
  • There are dropped kerbs on both sides.
  • There is not tactile paving here.

Townhead Street - Car Park

  • The north side pavement of this central area is wide here, with space to the rear of a bus shelter to navigate round.
  • There is a wide access point from rear parking on The Strand here at the Job Centre entrance.
  • The bus stop offers a raised kerb with tactile paving.
  • The pavement narrows slightly for some loading bays.
  • The pavement follows the line of the buildings where it narrows again opposite the Townhead Street Car Park junction.
  • There are bollards beside the road where it narrows.
  • There is a further access point from the rear parking on The Strand here.
  • The south side offers a straight route without obstacles or hazards until the car park junction.
  • There is some tactile paving on the inside of the pavement where steps lead down towards the new supermarket and car park.
  • The slope to the car park junction bypasses the steps.

Car Park Junction Crossings

  • There is a wide 2 way road leading into Townhead Street Car Park to the south.
  • There are dropped kerbs without tactile paving on either side of the junction.
  • There are bollards on the pavement near the modern stores to the east.
  • The bollards are 193cm wide at the dropped kerb and 117cm wide elsewhere.
  • This is also a commonly used crossing from the north side of Townhead Street where it narrows to the wider bollards dropped kerb.
  • There is a low kerb to the north and very wide spacing between bollards.
  • There is also an area for crossing marked by 2 bollards in the central area before the loading bays.
  • There are dropped kerbs without tactile paving here too.

Car Park - Shopping Area

  • There is a tarmac surface to the wide pavement in front of the new stores.
  • There are bollards in line with the designated Blue Badge parking here.
  • Before the parking there is a town map and Old Cumnock Heritage Trail information board near the corner.
  • This is through the 117cm wide bollards where there is also a dustbin.
  • One of the tactile paved dropped kerbs from the Blue Badge parking also leads to this area.
  • The main pavement follows the path round the parking bays and back out towards the end.
  • There may be an A-frame in place at the bakery and bollards across the pavement after the modern stores.
  • The end bollards are 130cm wide and 115cm wide towards the rear access point.
  • The rear access point has an easy slope leading up from the veterinarian surgery and Townhead Street Car Park.
  • The north side of the street has bollards adjacent to the road leaving a space of 124cm.
  • There is a tarmac stretch between the shops and the final store at Timbermills Home Hardware/Millie's Corner Coffee House.

Shopping Area - Supermarket

  • Beyond the shopping area is mostly residential houses, although the ASDA Supermarket car park entrance is approximately 120m away, with the main entrance and car park approximately 200m away.
  • The road curves round to the right, away from the shopping area before a long downwards slope.
  • There is a Citizens Advice Bureau on the north side at the slope.
  • There is an island at the top of the road, although this is not for pedestrians and has fencing on both sides.
  • There are similar additional traffic calming islands further along.
  • At the bottom of the slope is the 2-way traffic junction to the supermarket.
  • There are lowered kerbs without tactile paving directly on the corner, or 10m further along the access road is a zebra crossing.
  • The zebra crossing offers dropped kerbs with tactile paving on both sides.
  • There are no flashing beacons at the crossing.
  • There is a further crossing towards the store entrance and car park.
  • Beyond the crossing there are some concrete pole bollards and a paving surface.
  • There is a bus stop pole on the roadside of the bollards.
  • The bus stop has a raised kerb with tactile paving.
  • There is a further bus stop across the road.
  • On the other side of the road there is a long slope with a handrail on the right if coming down from John Baird Street.

Supermarket - Football Ground

  • At the east side of the supermarket there is a wide access road for delivery lorries.
  • There are dropped kerbs without tactile paving on both sides.
  • There is a tarmac surface to the pavement which is generally level here.
  • Shortly after the access road is the Menzie Court junction.
  • There are dropped kerbs without tactile paving on either side of Menzie Court.
  • The north side of Townhead Street could be used to avoid several junctions on the south side, until Elizabeth Crescent.
  • There is a traffic island between Menzie Court and Elizabeth Crescent but it is not for pedestrians as it has fencing on the north pavement.
  • Elizabeth Crescent has a wide junction which offers dropped kerbs without tactile paving on both sides.
  • There is a further traffic island to the east of Elizabeth Crescent which is fenced off on both sides.
  • Further east (approximately 300m from the end of the shopping area) is the entrance to Cumnock Juniors Football Club and car park.
  • There are dropped kerbs and an easy slope down to the gates.

Beyond the Football Ground

  • Beyond the entrance to Cumnock Juniors FC there is a bus stop near the lowered kerb.
  • The bus stop offers a raised kerb with tactile paving.
  • There is an easy slope along towards Cumnock Juniors FC Social Club and the further car park access road.
  • The private car park access road is 2 way, offering lowered kerbs without tactile paving on both sides.
  • The slope in the road becomes steeper beyond Cumnock Juniors FC Social Club.
  • There are on-street parking bays on the slope.
  • The north side of Townhead Street offers less junctions to cross although there are many lowered areas for residential driveway parking.
  • There is also a bus stop pole to the rear of the pavement.
  • The hill is steep towards the end of Townhead Street up to the junction with Drumbrochan Road/Edgar Avenue.
  • There is a further junction on the south to some flats before the junction.
  • There are dropped kerbs without tactile paving on both sides.

Toilet Facilities

  • There are no public toilet facilities nearby.
  • The closest are at Tanyard near the bus station.
  • Cumnock Town Hall in Glaisnock Street offers an accessible toilet and Cumnock Local Council Offices in Greenholm Road has a Changing Places facility.
  • Cumnock Library here also offers an accessible toilet.
  • Please refer to the separate access guides for details.
  • Some venues along the route may also have their own customer toilet facilities available.

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