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Out to the Woods CIC

Admiral Woods, Bicknor, Kent, ME17 1QP

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  • There is onsite parking available here but there is no designated Blue Badge parking.
  • The most accessible entrance has: a slight ramp/slope.
  • Toilet and changing facilities available include: a standard toilet.
  • This venue also has the following available: seating.
  • Out to the Woods provides a forest school and cooking classes (fresh Indian cuisine cooked outdoors) for children and young people. It encourages free play and independent learning.
    The school is looking to provide stargazing events and forest school sessions for those with dementia and the elderly in the future.
    Woodland Tots currently runs for 2 hours on Mondays, with groups up to 15.
    It runs at a reduced rate to encourage involvement from all socio-economic backgrounds.
    There are longer summer sessions from June to September.
    A water bowl can be provided for an assistance dog.


  • This venue has a car park .
  • This is an open air car park with a loose chippings and gravel surface.
  • Parking is free for all users.
  • There is not a designated drop-off point.

Public Transport

  • There is not a bus stop within approximately 150m of the venue.
  • The nearest train station is Sittingbourne .
  • Sittingbourne Station is approximately 5.9 miles away.

Entrance (Site Entrance)

  • There is ramped/sloped access at this entrance.
  • A width of at least 150cm and There is a slope with a slight gradient .
  • The slope does not have handrails.
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    • The vehicular entrance is 6 metres wide.
    • There was no signage at time of survey (June 2022), but photograph 3 shows the signage that will soon be in place.
    • The road is uneven and there is a slope after the gates.
    • The parking bays are on either side soon after the entrance.


  • Photographs 1-6 show the wide path / access road to the activities / seating area.
  • The path / access road is made up of mud, loose vegetation and has a slight gradient.
  • At the time of survey(June 2022) there were ruts in the path from vehicle trails, creating trip hazards.
  • Photographs 7 and 8 show the paths around the activity area which are approximately 100cm wide.

Activities Area

  • There are various tables, benches and chairs with armrests in the activity areas. The highest table is 80cm high.
  • Photographs 7-9 show some of the toys for children.
  • Photograph 10 shows the hand-washing system.
  • In and around these areas, students in the classes lean bush craft skills and gain a level of understanding about the forest environment.

Ramp or Slope and Steps (Access to Toilet)

  • There is a ramp with a steep gradient and a width between 75cm and 150cm .
  • The ramp does not have handrails.
  • There is one step.
  • The step is not clearly marked and there are no handrails.

Standard Toilet(s)

  • There is ramped/sloped and stepped access into the toilet(s).
  • The shared standard toilet was surveyed.
  • This toilet is a compost toilet.
    The toilet seat is 50cm high.
    At the time of survey the door to the toilet had not yet been fitted (June 2022).
    The ramp to access it is 90cm wide and steep. The step is 5cm high.