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Route Plan 1 - Car Park A (Visitor and Patient Parking) to Hospital Main Entrance

West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, Hardwick Lane, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP33 2QZ

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  • The route plan details the access between Car Park A and the main hospital entrance.

Crossing from Car Park A to Easy Access Path Ramp

  • A marked pedestrian crossing is located at the front of the car park area leading from the Blue badge parking area to the easy access path ramp.
  • There are dropped kerbs on either side of the crossing with tactile paving only on the far side.
  • The surface of the crossing is tarmac and is on an easy slope.
  • After the crossing turn right and continue for approximately 5m before turning left towards the ramp.

Bus Stop

  • The bus stop is located to the right and then straight ahead after the crossing.
  • The bus stop is approximately 50m from the crossing.
  • The surface of the pathway is tarmac and block paving.
  • It is uneven in places.
  • The bus stop is sheltered.
  • There is seating at a low level within the bus stop.
  • The services that stop at the hospital include the 82, 84, 86, 374, Breeze 1 and M22.
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Easy Access Path Ramp

  • The ramp is made up of a series of slopes and level landings.
  • The slopes range between moderate and steep.
  • At each of the level landings there is seating available.
  • There is tactile paving at the start and end of the ramp.
  • After approximately 20m turn right and continue up the ramp.

Easy Access Path to Hospital Main Entrance Crossing

  • The surface of the pathway is now flagstones.
  • They are uneven in places.
  • After approximately 35m the pathway becomes smooth tarmac.
  • Turn left here towards the hospital.

Main Hospital Entrance Crossing

  • There are dropped kerbs with tactile paving on each side of the crossing.
  • The surface of the crossing is tarmac.
  • Turn right after the crossing towards the main hospital entrance.

Outside Access (Main Hospital Entrance)

  • This information is for the entrance located at the front of the hospital.
  • There is not level access into the venue.
  • The main door(s) open automatically.
  • The doors are single width.
  • The door opening is 144cm (4ft 9in) wide.
  • Second set of doors View
    • There is a second set of doors.
    • The door(s) open automatically.
    • The doors are double width.
    • The door opening is 174cm (5ft 9in) wide.

Level Change (Main Hospital Entrance)

  • There is a ramp or slope to access this service.
  • The ramp or slope is located in front of the entrance.
  • The ramp or slope is easy.
  • The ramp or slope is permanent.


  • There is level access to reception from the entrance.
  • The reception desk is high (110cm+).
  • The desk has a low (76cm or lower) section.
  • The desk is generally staffed.
  • The lighting levels are medium.
  • There is a hearing assistance system.
  • The hearing system is available only on request.
  • The type of system is a portable loop.
  • Staff are trained to use the system.
  • There is a touch screen.
  • There is not a prescription box.
  • There is not a bell to attract attention.
  • There is sufficient space to write or sign documents on the desk.