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Centre Court to The Hill

The All England Lawn Tennis Club, Church Road, Wimbledon, London, SW19 5AG

Access Guide

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North Concourse

  • This is a smooth surfaced tarmac, slight slope 80m in length.
  • Centre Court is on the left and Courts 14-17 are on the right as you walk up North Road.
  • There are bench seats along the entire length of road.

From North Concourse turn right onto St. Mary's Walk

  • The surface here changes to block paving.
  • The lower part of St. Mary's Walk is a slight slope.

Continue down St Mary's Walk

  • The top part of St. Mary's Walk is a block paved steep slope.
  • Court 18 is on the left as you go up.
  • There are handrails on both sides.
  • To the right of Court 18 is the Walled Garden Food Market.

At the top of St. Mary's Walk bear right onto Aorangi Walk

  • The path levels out here although there are still easy slopes.
  • The surface is block paved.
  • Court number 1 and the Aorangi Plaza is on the right and the grassed area of Aorangi Terrace is on the left.
  • At the end of Aorangi Walk bear left onto the top of Aorangi Drive.
  • Aorangi Drive is a very steep slope leading from the Gate 1 Entrance.
  • Stewards and wheelchairs are available at Gate 1 with the purpose of assisting those who need help getting to Aorangi Terrace.

Paths to Wheelchair Area

  • A smooth tarmac steep sloped path runs from the top of Aorangi Walk/Aorangi Drive.
  • This leads to a block paved slight slope which in turn leads to the paved level/very slight walkway to the wheelchair area on Aorangi Terrace.
  • There is a gate to the staff area, which when opened narrows the access to the pathway.

Wheelchair Area

  • The wheelchair area has space for wheelchairs and seating for companions.
  • The area is in the centre of the grassed area (Aorangi Terrace) and faces the big screen.