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Gate 5 to Centre Court

The All England Lawn Tennis Club, Church Road, Wimbledon, London, SW19 5AG

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Gate 5

  • The entrance to Gate 5 is level.
  • The surface is smooth tarmac.
  • The gate is permanently held open.
  • The gate is 160cm wide.
  • There is a security bag search immediately inside this gate.

Tea Lawn

  • Turn right on passing through Gate 5 and continue straight ahead.
  • The Wingfield Restaurant is on the left as you continue.
  • The Tea Lawn is on the right as you continue
  • The surface of the pathway is smooth tarmac.
  • The pathway is on a very slight slope leading to a set of steps and a ramp in front of The Wingfield Restaurant.
  • The ramp is slight slope with handrails on the left hand side as you go up.
  • There are 10 steps of medium height.
  • The steps are well marked.
  • There are handrails on both sides.
  • A strip of tactile paving is located at both the top and bottom of the steps.
  • Continue ahead keeping to the left of the museum building.

North Road Entrance - Centre Court - Access to Wheelchair Seating on Level 1 and 5

  • Turn right towards the North Concourse.
  • The surface here is smooth tarmac.
  • The North Road entrance is straight ahead under the Centre Court sign.
  • The surface here changes to concrete.
  • There is a slight slope to the entrance.
  • There are no doors.
  • The opening is 680cm wide.

North Concourse - Alternative Route to Wheelchair Seating on Level 5

  • Proceed forward onto North Concourse.
  • This is a smooth surfaced tarmac slight slope 80m in length.
  • North Concourse has the Centre Court on the left and courts 14-17 on the right.
  • There are bench seats along the entire length of the concourse.

St Mary's Walk

  • Turn left onto St Mary's Walk.
  • The path is level.
  • The surface is block paved.
  • The path is 20 metres to the St Mary's Walk entrance.

St Mary's Walk Entrance

  • There is level access to the entrance.
  • The surface is block paved.
  • There are no doors to the entrance.
  • The opening is 370cm wide.