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Gate 5 to No.1 Court

The All England Lawn Tennis Club, Church Road, Wimbledon, London, SW19 5AG

Access Guide

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Gate 5

  • The entrance to Gate 5 is level.
  • The surface is smooth tarmac.
  • The gate is permanently held open.
  • The gate is 160cm wide.
  • There is a security bag search immediately inside this gate.

Tea Lawn

  • Turn right on passing through Gate 5 and continue straight ahead.
  • The Wingfield Restaurant is on the left as you continue.
  • The Tea Lawn is on the right as you continue
  • The surface of the pathway is smooth tarmac.
  • The pathway is on a very slight slope leading to a set of steps and a ramp in front of The Wingfield Restaurant.
  • The ramp is slight slope with handrails on the left hand side as you go up.
  • There are 10 steps of medium height.
  • The steps are well marked.
  • There are handrails on both sides.
  • A strip of tactile paving is located at both the top and bottom of the steps.
  • Continue ahead keeping to the left of the museum building.

Gate 3 Piazza

  • The Museum and Gate 3 are to your right as you continue along the pathway.
  • The surface is smooth tarmac with an area of block paving that runs along the side of the museum and Gate 3.
  • There are slopes located on this section of the pathway.
  • The slopes are very slight.
  • Turn left in front of No.1 Court and take the South West Hall ramp.

Arbour Walk - South West Hall Ramp

  • The ramp leads to the South West Hall Entrance.
  • The surface of the ramp is block paving.
  • The ramp is slight and is approximately 50m long.
  • There are handrails on both sides.
  • There is no level landing.
  • At the top of the ramp turn right toward the South West Hall entrance.

South West Hall Entrance

  • Turn right at the top of the ramp and continue ahead to the entrance.
  • The South West Hall Entrance gives access to No.1 Court.
  • The entrance has no doors.
  • The entrance is 6m wide.
  • There are slopes leading to and at the entrance.
  • The slopes vary between very slight and slight.
  • The surface is block paving.
  • There are accessible toilets located at either side of the entrance.
  • The nearest designated seating for wheelchair ticket holders is located to the left as you enter down gangways 26 and 30 or by turning right to reach gangways 12 and 8.
  • You have now arrived at No.1 Court.