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AccessAble and Cardiff University launch new Detailed Access Guides

Cardiff University is the latest of over 100 higher education providers to partner with AccessAble; a world leader in the provision of accessibility information.

Cardiff University has worked with AccessAble to create Detailed Access Guides to teaching, meeting spaces and residences across its campus.

The Guides are 100 per cent facts, figures, and photographs to help students, visitors and staff plan their journey to and around the university, covering everything from parking facilities and assistive listening to walking distances and accessible toilets.

Drone photo of Cardiff campus

We know everyone’s accessibility needs are different, which is why having detailed, accurate information is so important. It’s why all of the details you’ll find in the Guide have been checked in person, on site, by trained surveyors.

David Livermore, Director of Business Development at AccessAble, said:

“The partnership with Cardiff University marks the start of our accessibility journey together, having surveyed in detail over 180 different buildings and 400 teaching spaces, we now have the most comprehensive programme of accessibility information ever created at the University. Through ongoing engagement with University staff and students we will continuously update, adapt and improve the Guides to ensure they continue to be the fantastic resource we are able to share now.

The University has demonstrated its commitment to improving accessibility and we are excited to be working together and thrilled to be launching the Guides.

Our initiative is all about removing barriers to higher education and improving the experience for everyone. We welcome Cardiff University into our national network of 100+ universities across the country who are committed to including disabled people.”

Professor Damian Walford Davies, Deputy Vice Chancellor at Cardiff University, said:

“Our collaboration with AccessAble is an important step towards achieving our goal of becoming a more inclusive university. It offers us a comprehensive view of which areas on our campuses require improvements, helps us monitor our advancements, and allows us to maintain our commitment to ensuring accessibility with dignity for everyone.”

Cardiff arcades

View Cardiff University’s Accessibility Guide.

The information to Cardiff University’s site joins over 70,000 places already covered across the UK, making a great tool for planning your university experience, a day out or trip away.

For more information about the project, please contact David Waterman, Senior Partnerships Manager at AccessAble on 01438 842710 or email [email protected]

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