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Meet our Ambassadors

We’d like you to meet our AccessAble Ambassadors. 

Our 40-strong network of AccessAble Ambassadors was originally established in 2018. Since then, collectively, 10 members of the AccessAble Ambassador network have been included on the Shaw Trust Disability Power 100 List.

Ultimately, the role of an AccessAble Ambassador is to help us support even more disabled people. Our website is used by over 6 million people every year, and through the power of the collective networks of our Ambassadors, we are able to grow that further.

Alex Stratikis

Image of Alex sitting on a wall in front of some scenery

Alex Stratikis, founder of 'Autistic Adventures Abroad,' was diagnosed at age 6 with Asperger's Syndrome. He has travelled (mainly solo) to over 40 countries and has lived in 6 countries, including the USA, Australia, Japan, Scotland, Greece, and England. He documents his travels on Instagram and through his blog, sharing facts, stories, photos, and videos about autism and about the places he's visited.

Find out more about Alex here  

Anna-Ruth Cockerham

Anna-Ruth headshot

Anna-Ruth lives with Functional Neurological Disorder. Passionate about using her experiences to promote accessibility and the inclusion of disabled people, Anna-Ruth is Accessibility Manager at Gatwick Airport. In 2022, she graduated with a Mathematics degree from the University of St Andrews, where she also worked leading projects on student wellbeing, equity and inclusion.

Find out more about Anna here

Becky Pettitt

Becky, a white women with blonde hair, is sat on a green velvet booth at a table. She is holding a red teapot in one hand and a tea strainer over a cup of tea in the other. There are two people at a table in the background.

Becky Pettitt works for a Children's Charity, and her husband Dan works as a web developer. Dan is a wheelchair user who has Friedreich's Ataxia, which is a rare genetic, degenerative disease that causes coordination problems, a loss of sensation in the arms and legs, and impaired speech. They are both big music fans and love going to gigs together. 

Find out more about Becky here

Beth Wooller

Beth Wooller standing in front of The shaw trust Disability Power 100 sign.

Beth was born with a moderate-severe hearing impairment in both ears. Her credits include working with national and local newspapers, featuring on TV and live radio, and attending Parliament to make a case for more efficient Access to Work processes. She has also presented as a keynote speaker and panellist for businesses, and is dedicated to helping people with disabilities to excel in life with the proper support at the right time.

Find out more about Beth here

Callum Russell 

Callum is a male with brown hair and he's wearing a light blue shirt. He is sitting on a black chair with windows and a yellow wall behind him.

Callum is blind since birth.  He has a BA in Modern Languages (French, Italian and Spanish) and a Masters in European Political and Administrative Studies.  He joined Sight for Surrey as a Fundraising and Events Intern before becoming the charity's Employment and Community Fundraising Officer, supporting adults with sensory impairments to seek and maintain sustainable employment. is now self-employed and runs a bespoke consultancy called CrystalEyes.

Find out more about Callum here

Charlie Randell 

Charlie is a white male with red hair wearing a white shirt. He is sat in his chair at a table which has a plate, glass and his phone on the table. There are other tables in the background and other buildings and people are in the background.

Charlie has Cerebral Palsy. Charlie enjoys working on social media to build awareness of his disability, break down stigmas and improve the representation of young disabled individuals. Accessibility and representation are two things he strives to improve.

Find out more about Charlie here

Chloe Tear

Chloe is a white women with brown hair and glasses. She is wearing a flowery top and green blazer and a green lanyard. In the background there is a dark curtain.

Chloe Tear is an award-winning disability blogger and freelancer. She’s passionate about challenging public attitudes and giving a candid insight into life as a disabled young person. She also works for Scope as a content designer where she writes information and advice that support disabled people and their families. 

Find out more about Chloe here

Connor O'Kane 

Connor is a man with blonde hair. He is wearing a black and blue zip up jumper and hisis sitting on his chair. In the background there are lots of shelves with books on.

Conor has Spinal Muscular Atrophy and blogs about his lived experiences. He shares regular posts with a theme of 'seven smiles' and embodies the power of finding joy and living life with positivity.

Find out more about Conor here

Dan White 

Dan, a man with dark brown hair and glass, is stood in front of glass buildings. He is wearing a blue blazer, a white shirt and black tie.

As well as caring for his award-winning disabled daughter Emily, Dan is a columnist and campaigner who is not afraid to discuss his experiences with mental illness. He's also a regular broadcaster and countywide speaker, appearing across the media and at conferences, discussing the need for absolute equality. He is also the creator of the globally popular Department of Ability comic, which features five disabled superheroes. Dan is also part of the ITV Diversity and Inclusion committee.

Find out more about Dan here

David Trigger  

David is a white male with white hair and glasses. He's wearing a blue shirt and dark blue jumper.

David is an Ambassador and Patient Leader for his local National Health Service in England. He is also a West Midlands Dementia Champion, sitting on their External Advisory Group as well as Co-Chairing of the West Mercia Police Force Independent Advisory Group (IAG) on Disability.

Find out more about David here

Ed Rex 

Ed is a male with brown hair. He is looking back at the camera and is wearing a white shirt. He has a cochlear.

Ed is profoundly deaf in both ears. Throughout his solo travels, he noticed a keen interest from other travellers about his deafness and how it influences his travelling experience. From the bad to the good and to the downright hilarious, he tells his story to break down stereotypes and discrimination, and raise awareness of people can support deaf travellers. 

Find out more about Ed here

Emma Muldoon 

Emma is a woman with black hair. She is pictured sat in her powerchair in blue jeans, a grey top and pink cardigan. In the background there are trees and greenery.

Emma Muldoon is a power wheelchair user with Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy. She curates an award-winning accessible travel and disability blog, ‘Simply Emma’ where she shares her love of travel and highlights the barriers disabled people face whilst travelling. She also challenges public attitudes and misconceptions whilst helping create positive change for the disabled community. She has a particular passion for live music and exploring the outdoors.

Find out more about Emma here

Emma Purcell 

Emma is a woman with brown hair and glasses. She is pictured smiling close up to the camera.

Emma is a talented Freelance Journalist. She also blogs about her experiences at Rock For Disability and is the founder of Crip Life. She has a passion for live music, comedy, acting, and chocolate, and is a Harry Potter fanatic. 

Find out more about Emma here

Fi Anderson  

Fi is a woman with brown hair. She is pictured sitting in her power wheelchair, holding hand with a little girl smiling, in front of the River Thames and London Bridge.

Fi shares a relatable personal blog about parenting with a disability, which aims to share helpful insights for other people with Neuromuscular conditions who are considering starting a family. She also campaigns for improved access and equality in the UK, challenging the common misconceptions made about disabled parents.

Find out more about Fi here

Georgia Vine

Headshot of Georgia, a white woman in her twenties with brown hair. She's wearing a white top and glasses and is smiling brightly.

Georgia is a disabled Occupational Therapist and founder of award-winning blog 'Not So Terrible Palsy'. She currently works as a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the University of Huddersfield and strives to improve the university journey for other disabled students. Georgia is also one of the founding members of AbleOTUK, and is passionate about challenging ableism within occupational practice.

Find out more about Georgia here

Hannah Barham-Brown 

Hannah is a white woman with brown curly hair. She is pictured wearing a blue suit jacket, and speaking into two microphones.

Dr Hannah Barham-Brown is a GP, Council Member of the British Medical Association, and Deputy Leader of the Women’s Equality Party. Alongside her clinical and political work, she travels the UK giving talks about disability, in venues from the House of Lords to international publishing companies. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and works to support disabled people in politics, employment, travel, health and education. 

Find out more about Hannah here

Heather Lacey 

Heather has brown/blonde hair with multicoloured glasses and she is wearing red lipstick.

Heather, who has cerebral palsy and cPTSD, took to social media one fateful day to find solidarity and support from people like her. This led to the creation of her own blog, where she documents her experiences of mental illness, fatigue, and chronic pain with the goal of spreading awareness and empowering her readers. 

Find out more about Heather here

Holly Greader  

Holly, a woman with brown hair, is pictured sat in her wheelchair in front of flowers and trees. She is wearing a blue top and grey trousers.

Holly is a UK Disability Blogger and Advocate and an ambulatory wheelchair user. She lives with multiple chronic conditions. In 2017, after a deterioration in her health meant she had to leave her working life, she started her own blog. This has given her space to process what she was going through as well as a powerful creative outlet. 

Find out more about Holly here 

Holly Tuke 

Holly is a woman with brown hair and glasses. She is pictures wearing a black coat and sitting in front of some greenery and hills.

Holly Tuke is an award-winning blogger. She was named in the Shaw Trust Disability Power 100 list in 2018 and in 2019, and also awarded Social Media Influencer of the Year at the 2019 RNIB See Differently Awards. Holly is registered blind and has ME/CFS. She uses her online platforms to document her experiences and strive for change, and she also works within the charity sector.

Find out more about Holly here

Izzy Gaim-Marsoner

izzy, a young white female with brunette hair and glasses. she is tilting backwards in her manual wheelchair as if doing a wheelie, and smiling brightly

Izzy is a neurodivergent wheelchair user who advocates for the rights of neurodivergent, queer, and, disabled people. After graduating with a MA (Hons) Sustainable Development degree from the University of St Andrews, she has continued her work in promoting a diverse and equitable society through her work with the Young Women’s Movement, The Scottish Government. As a member of the NeuroPoint stakeholder group, in 2023 Izzy led an interactive workshop at the international conference for neurodiversity ITAKOM where they presented the various challenges neurodivergent may students face in the classroom. She now actively works to advocate for the rights of disabled people in Scotland.

Find out more about Izzy here

James Casserley

Selfie of James, a 16 year old sitting in a wheelchair

16-year-old James Casserly has cerebral palsy and juvenile arthritis. James lives in Dublin and is passionate about advocating for disabled people. He is currently travelling to all 32 counties of Ireland using public transport.

Find out more about James here

Kerry Thompson 

Kerry is a white woman with blonde hair. She is pictured sitting in her wheelchair wearing a light purple dress infront of a fence.

Kerry is a disability blogger with a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy, a progressive, muscle-wasting condition. She has always believed that it should never stop her from living life the way she wants and found a real passion for campaigning for disability rights. Her blog shares her experiences of living with Muscular Dystrophy, depression, and anxiety, and showcases her innovative campaign work.

Find out more about Kerry here

Lucy Wood 

Lucy is a woman with red hair. She is pictured sitting in her wheelchair, wearing a blue coat and smiling at the camera. In the background there is a street and people walking around.

Lucy, who has Cerebral Palsy, is an advocate and podcaster who is passionate about inclusion. lABLEd is an independent, self-funded series, where Disabled guests talk about their personal experiences of Disability, Chronic Illness, and Health differences.

Find out more about Lucy here

Lydia Wilkins 

A white woman looks at the camera against a lightbulb background

Lydia Wilkins is a freelance journalist specialising in disability and social issues. She also works as a speaker, collaborating with organisations such as Naidex, the Student Publication Association, and Bath SPA University. Her debut book, The Autism Friendly Cookbook, was published in November 2022. She is on the Autistic spectrum and is currently a Long Covid patient.

Find out more about Lydia here

Natalie Gardner 

Natalie is a woman with blonde hair. She is wearing a grey shirt and is standing in front of a wall with two prints on it.

Natalie, also known as The Spoonie Mummy,  started her blog in February 2017. She wants to help others by showing people that even with arthritis and chronic illness, you can still have many adventures and lead a full life. 

Find out more about Natalie here

Natasha Lipman 

Natasha is

Natasha is a former-BBC Journalist and host of The Rest Room Podcast, and was named in the Disability Power 100 in 2019. Natasha has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, PoTS, and ME/CFS.  She is an ambulatory wheelchair user, and uses crutches and a rollator. Natasha is passionate about creating useful resources  for people with long-term conditions, especially sharing information that is often not passed on due to issues with our medical infrastructure.

Find out more about Natasha here

Pippa Stacey 

headshot of pippa, a white female wheelchair user, wearing denim dungarees. she has her hands in her lap and is smiling brightly.

Pippa Stacey is an award-winning writer, speaker, and charity sector communication consultant. She blogs about  living your best life alongside chronic illness and has been named in the Disability Power 100 multiple times. Her debut non-fiction book, University And Chronic Illness: A Survival Guide was published in 2020. Pippa enjoys theatre and reading, and can usually be found in pyjamas with a cup of tea in hand. 

Find out more about Pippa here

Rebecca Wilson 

Rebecca is a woman with black hair. She is wearing a beige coat and black leggings. She is pictured sitting in her wheelchair next to a green and white character with an oreo on its middle.

Becca is a research fellow in health data privacy at the University of Liverpool. She works on software projects that help academic researchers securely analyse medical data to progress understanding of various health conditions. In 2014 an episode of transverse myelitis left her mobility impaired. Since then she has worked to improve disability equality in the academic sector. She loves to travel and explore the outdoors, and is also a keen foodie.

Find out more about Rebecca here

Ross Hovey  

Ross is a male with blonde hair. He is pictures sitting in his wheelchair, wearing a blue and white checked shirt and blue jeans.

Ross is Banking and HR Specialist with Llyods Banking Group. In recent years he has specialised in bespoke roles which focus on Lloyds Banking Group's Disability Agenda. He uses his lived experiences of disability in the workplace to ensure the Group is an accessible employer for existing and prospective colleagues with disabilities. Ross also co-founded Changing Places International, a not-for-profit charity who are setting the global standard for accessible toilets.

Find out more about Ross here

Ross Lannon  

Ross is a male with brown hair and sunglasses. He is pictured in his power chair in front of greenery. He is wearing a black tshirt and blue jeans.

Ross started his blog in 2017 as a way of documenting his journey through adulthood, as a young man with a physical disability.  Since then he has collaborated with many exciting brands, and featured in various TV and magazine articles. Ross is a regular presenter at CHAOS Radio and is pursuing a career in journalism. He is also a proud dog-dad to Ralph.

Find out more about Ross here

Sassy Wyatt  

Sassy is a women with short light brown hair. She is standing in front of a wall and is wearing a yellow shirt.

Sassy is a Disability awareness consultant and blogger who is passionate about changing the landscape of accessible tourism. Living with both arthritis and blindness, she brings a unique and valuable perspective on local and international explorations. 

Find out more about Sassy here

Shona Louise  

Shona is a woman with brown hair. She is sitting in her power wheelchair wearing a striped t-shirt and jeans. There are trees and greenery behind her.

Shona Louise is a disabled & LGBTQ+ freelance writer, photographer and activist, with a passion for theatre. Having written her blog for over 10 years, she has become vocal across social media about accessibility within the theatre industry, on public transport and more.

Find out more about Shona here 

Tanvi Vyas 

Tanvi is a woman with brown and red hair. She is wearing a flowery tshirt.

Tanvi Vyas is a freelance Disability Equality Consultant and Trainer with a particular interest in accessible transport, leisure and the built environment. She had also appeared on regional and national television, radio, online and in-print journalism to raise awareness of the challenges faced by disabled people. Additionally, Tanvi has an interest in bringing elements of intersectionality into the disability conversation, and finding solutions to access barriers.

Find out more about Tanvi here

Thank you to all our Ambassadors for being a part of the AccessAble team. We love working with you all. 

If you’d like to work with our network of Ambassadors or you're interested in becoming an Ambassador yourself, you can contact us by email at [email protected], or call 01438 842710. 

Head of Marketing and Communications