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St James's University Hospital

Beckett Street, Leeds, LS9 7TF

St James's University Hospital is part of:

    About St James's University Hospital

    St James's University Hospital is a major centre for high-tech patient care, teaching and research, and its network of buildings are a landmark visible for miles across the city.

    The flagship of the site is the £220 million Bexley Wing, home to the Leeds Cancer Centre, which contains 10 floors dedicated to some of the best treatment for cancer patients available anywhere in the world.

    St James's has a busy emergency department (A&E) and care for acute medical patients and older people is mainly provided on wards in the Gledhow and Chancellor's Wings. 

    Lincoln wing is home to the Geoffrey Giles and David Beevers operating theatres, as well as an intensive care unit and surgical wards. 

    As well as inpatient care, a wide range of outpatient services are located at St James's including ophthalmology, gynaecology, antenatal, diabetes  and many more. 

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